Women Need to Stop Trying to Shame Men Into Finding Them Attractive

Women Need to Stop Trying to Shame Men Into Finding Them Attractive

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34 thoughts on “Women Need to Stop Trying to Shame Men Into Finding Them Attractive”

  1. Wait so are you saying we like women who are of the same body type as our family? I only ask because I enjoy the opposite. Got kinda confused

  2. If someone doesn't find you attractive, LEAVE THEM! If you don't find someone attractive, LEAVE THEM (ALONE)!
    You will give your children low self esteem if you don't.

  3. DEFINITELY deal with the ones who deal with YOU. ALWAYS DO THAT…..And NO you CANT force people to like you so DONT TRY. You can't shame people into that anyway because they DONT CARE ENOUGH TO BE SHAMED. THEY DON'T WANT YOU….

  4. Women will say to me all the time they like darkskin men. While dating me, sucking my dick and I just laugh. But let a brother say he like light skin women they lose they mind.

  5. Indeed…. it would be helpful if black men stop approaching women their not attracted to for sex?! Just a thought

  6. Agree 100%. I'm only interested in a man that's interested in me. I think most women use the shame tactic because they will go out with a man they're not attracted to so in turn they expect a man to do the same.

  7. Welcome to how women feel every day. Everyday, everyday and everyday. Men approach and hound women everyday that just don't have interest in them over and over. Men don't even look for a sign. Culturally most woman are not taught to express disinterest we are taught to be kind or nicely say "I'm ok" when we are not attracted. I have had black men approach me when I didn't like them mostly it was their personality white guys persistently pursue me when I was not attracted to them by any means ( After nicely saying no, I told this one white dude he had bad breath and I didn't like him, he still didn't get it and continued to text and call me for over a year). I think this is mostly a problem men have. This gets yall rocks off going after women that don't want yall or yall have no business with. Heard of "I got a man," "But what your man have to do with me." Or "I think she like me dude," "Naw brah she doesn't like you like that man," "No she like me I know it." The reality is people make those threads to make themselves feel good if a fat woman hears a man likes thin women, that's understood. I've heard big girls say he is cute but he don't like big girls. You tell a man she only likes ballers or men over 6 foot shiiiiiiiiiit if the woman is fine enough the man will stilll take their chance. Woman understand no means no..lol..

  8. My preference is a Simone Missick (Misty Knight) and Gabrielle Dennis (Tilda) and/or inbetween dark skinned and light skinned or caramel complexion.

  9. For most black women, it's a mistake to think their beauty is their beat feature while black men don't publicly say what they really feel about black women's beauty.

  10. most women go for money these days, the ugliest man in town can get the finest women in town if he has this money!

  11. we do not fall in love , we learn to love, because love is a growth , and anything that grows requires time, we are capable of loving anyone

  12. Peace bruh! I’ve been shamed so many times by other men because I wasnt attracted to the same type of women as them. My coworkers fall over each other for a damn 2/3 and make fun of me cause I’m predominantly attracted to 6/7’s or better, regardless of whether I pull them or not.

  13. Scenario 1
    Woman: "You can't handle a strong, black woman."
    Man: "A situation is to be handled. A dog is to be handled. A woman isn't to be handled unless she likes to be manhandled."

    Scenario 2
    Woman: "Are you gay or something?"
    Man: "No more than you're really a man."
    Woman: "Excuse you?!"
    Man: "Look, regardless of which way I swing I still don't find you attractive. And I sure as hell don't play the crying game."

  14. You're right about the shaming, but it's not a race thing. Many women do it. It's forced acceptance. Bringing you down puts them at a competitive level.

  15. I am dealing with that now. I have a platonic friend and she likes me. She is a great person but she is 10 years older and she is very full figured. I like younger and slimmer women. That's the bottom line. I like what I like. Additionally, she doesn't seem to want to do anything about the weight issue. She knows she is single primarily due in part to her weight.

  16. Truthful video! A lot of these women don't know how to handle rejection. It's ok for them to do certain things to men that they don't want or expect men to do to them! These women nowadays can be so hard to figure out, that's exactly why it's best to deal with the women that chooses you. See another thing too is that women always have this ideal man in mind that they want but sometimes when they encounter with that actual guy they, either they don't know how to handle it or they'll just reject him still even if he was her type! That's why it's best to take what a lot of these women say with a grain of salt. We've talked about this before, society had been so favorable to that women and made everything about them, that's why they have a certain mindset because they feel like they can get away with doing certain things to men and they're supposed to get a pass for it! Also, you have women who're so caught up into a man's resources and financial status to the point where that's all they're looking at over a man's attractiveness! Women who talk like that, always get a dolce of reality at some point in their life. Again, that's why it's so important for men to build themselves up and not focus on that select shit with women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hey Rom, just purchased all your books. I've read Nice Guys & Players, and I'm now reading Sexual Chemistry. I just want to say thanks for the game so far! I already knew some of the stuff you wrote, but you were able to put your own authentic spin on it!

  18. The funny thing is some fat (yes, FAT…not "curvy" or "voluptuous" or "thick") women don't want men that are attracted to them BECAUSE they're fat (chubby-chasers). They feel objectified, or a fetish for those men. They want a man that wants them in spite of their fatness. They want a guy that wants the woman inside, and has to see past all that fat. Ridiculous. There's someone for everyone, but you have to be realistic about who you "expect" to be with.

  19. I think the reason is that we as men have to experience rejection early in life. We , no matter select or non select, experience rejection to the point where we start to develop a thick skin to it. We know to move on to the next, because its no big deal if a woman says no. We know numbers re on our side at the end of the day.

    Were also told to be tough and act tough in this world out here . So to ask us to get in where we fit in is a survival and common sense tactic. On the other hand , women , in general, have been told by society they deserve everything in this world. They can have it all. from 13-38, if they are not unfortunate looking, they can have almost any man they want.

    School systems , work, and many other things in this society are geared to encourage and promote women. Nothing wrong with that , however, it has also created a sense of entitlement in the one who either refuse to compete or cannot compete.

    Listen I'm just stating my own personal , unresearched opinion here. From what I have seen , when you tell someone they can have it all or are entitled to it all, they will assume they should have anything to their hearts desire.

    Women have been use to competing for jobs, careers, personal goals and other hobbies. The majority haven't had problems competing for the guy they want till later in life. When the weight and age factor plays in.

    Rom tells us to workout and expand our mind and bodies . He is correct. We should. But a lot of women aren't told the truth. That they too need to lose weight and grow themselves as well . They don't think the should have to compete for a man . They are also not use to hearing NO or being denied what they want .

    The ones going after the Wall Street bankers, Athletes and other right guys know better. They hit that gym and stay on point.

    But until women are able to accept the truth that they will have to take care of their bodies and grow themselves as well, they will continue to shame men into trying to LOVE THEM AS THEY ARE.

    That simply doesn't cut it . People will like what they like. Men are visual creatures. Even when our big head starts finally thinking for our little head, we still are attracted to beauty. Yes it hurts to not be chosen, yes I know they might not try to even get to know you and yet still reject you. However , just like women have their standards , so do men.

    One more thing, better diet and exercise for both men and women will make you feel better about yourselves Seriously. They better you feel about yourself, the more attractive you will be towards others. FTR I have been rejected hundreds of time for not being a woman's type and I have also rejected women as well for not being my type.

  20. Good video rom.. Totally agree ita a comlplete double standard with women.. They let roll off their tongue very easily what they want and dont want but when a man does it they get in their feelings.. Its as if they can voice who's good enough and who's not a man cant? We cant have preferences but you can? Straight bullshit.. I remember a time.when a female friend of mine at work tried to shame.me into talking to this big girl that wanted me but i dont like big girls and this same.big girl was a straight bitch to other dudes.. As a man i think our preference in women van be seen as bad karma for women because like u say its one thing to reject a dude.but to be a bitch about is another so when that dude u want doesnt want u well thats karma for.yo ass..lol..

  21. "your mama is black"
    "how can you hate black women if you're black"
    "you must hate yourself because you mess with all but black women"

    Im tired of this shit unc lol

  22. You are hundred percent correct Mr Rom Wills! Our black women need to check themselves! You are spot on! A few years ago a black women I thought was attractive humiliated me in front of her home girls a few years ago in a shopping mall! She said I wasn't her type and she doesn't deal with brown skin brothers! Etc! I made a joke out of it and they all laughed and they left! I was in my retail store three days ago! And by the store manager! She came in and she saw me talking to my staff! And she came up to me and said, you look familiar! I said! Am sorry madam I don't think so! She's very obese (fat) with three kids! And she said by the way you look great in your suit! Are you the manager? I said yes madam! And I said thank you madam! She looked around the shop and she came and said good bye! Smh! It goes to show black women's messed up mentality.

  23. Excellent commentary as always mr wills! Women are quick to insult your physical features infront of their home girls if they don't find you attractive! If it is the other way round then you are mean, you hate big black women and you love white women! That is black women's mindset. Smh

  24. I think that women must understand that attractiveness and beauty are too different things. i use to think that men are visual creatures, but i got to understand that they are not and also it's all depends on where they came from. American men find beauty in man made things, like most times they will show how beautiful a woman is and when you look she's wearing so much make up or an enhance body part, while european men find the "little special thing". It could be a dimple on her cheeks, when she smiles her eyes is in sync with her smile. it is so different. I think women in general let their selfworth in the hands of men which has it's good and bad sides.

  25. Megan Good is GORGEOUS. Just looked her up. (never heard of her before but I am spending my time mostly on u tube for years now) AND your mom modelled so she was a size 6 and tall — good god!! Is your mom a Pisces or a Libra by any chance?

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