What The Bird Box Creatures Look Like Finally Revealed

What The Bird Box Creatures Look Like Finally Revealed

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen or at least heard of Bird Box. The conceptual, post-apocalyptic thriller from Netflix has taken social media by storm, sparking internet memes, jokes, and even a potentially dangerous social media challenge.

27 thoughts on “What The Bird Box Creatures Look Like Finally Revealed”

  1. I think it was best that they went without any visible monster because the baby monster (although spooky) isnt scary enough to cause suicide.

  2. Why people want to know how the creatures look? In the happening movie they never show just a wind blowing like this movie ,btw this movie is a copy of the happening except they cant see or they died.

  3. The movie itself was already amatuer, it's a smart move not to have add to the movie, because it wasn't made up to quality, the fact that the concept is for folks to make an opinion on not just how the monsters look, but also what's going, it says a lot that the film was poorly made. There's no reasoning at all why folks suicide or homocide, it could be a differ source, not a demon, maybe it's an unseeable powder, maybe some gas with a terrible bacteria or virus that attacks to those that see it, if I'm seeing a movie where I must structure everything together to make sense, then I wasted my time, like Star Wars Episode 7 and 8, how did the last jedi just become a fucken master at eveything, there's no logic other than not using money to put a sources well made as to how she could have become so damn good with the force, Rey is simply garbage. Encouraging change means that you spend less, why Hollywood promotes it, to profit much more than ever, screwing over actors. Don't fix something that ain't broken, unless you're trying to make an extra buck while humiliating the movie industry, and all as well abroad become affected.

  4. The movie is honestly horrible and overrated. It poorly written and very cliche and everything in it has been done over a million times already in better movies

  5. this is my favorite netflix movie. i’ve seen it like 5 times now. it’s a beautiful film and amazingly acted. i’ve always wondered how these monsters looked.

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