Wed, Dec 5: Ottley Diet; Immigrant Welfare; Trans Kid; Bible Scholars?

Wed, Dec 5: Ottley Diet; Immigrant Welfare; Trans Kid; Bible Scholars?

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Wed, Dec 5 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on fitness; Bush Day of Mourning; Immigrants on welfare
| 1-2) GUEST: Jason Ottley, health & wellness coach, & founder He warns Joel about meat-only diets, as they can lead to inflammation. People have time to work out but make excuses. Background on Jason: He got married in October! Follow him on for giveaway Friday, Dec 7.

| 3) Support BOND Read From Rage to Responsibility. Samuel of Sweden left his church, and asks Jesse what grace is. Harrison of TX tries to call Jesse phony for not asking about the prior guest for marrying outside his race.

| 4) Bush family don’t want anti-Trump sentiment at George HW’s funeral. Bob Dole pays respects. Illegals drop children over 18’ wall near Yuma, AZ. They get on welfare — 72% of immigrant households in CA. Harrison is mad Jesse talks about Maxine Waters’ IQ, when Jesse has trouble reading. Obama’s dumb and the worst president.

| 5) California, Texas, Florida, and New York have high immigrant welfare use.

Wed, Dec 5 Hour 2: Illegal driver licenses; Trans boy killed parents; Black Panthers killed cops
| 1) New Jersey bill would give illegal aliens driver’s licenses. So-called Rev. Sammy Arroyo, UMC pastor supports it. Martin of Holland asks about Joseph the earthly father of Jesus. God was Jesus’s real Father.

| 1-2) Richard of NC is moderate to liberal on social issues. He oppressed as an older white man.

James reports on male transgender who stabbed his parents to death at age 17 Halloween 2016. He was close to his mother.

| 3) Support BOND Do the Silent Prayer. Get signed books.

Irene of TN talks to Jesse about blacks. Gary of PA talks about Obama.

| 4) Ronnie of Ohio defends the Black Panther Party. Stephen of Canada calls Jesse “Mormon” for saying Jesus is not God.

| 5) Climate activist Bernie Sanders spent $300G on private air travel in October. Statehouse in Illinois features Satanic sculpture. Ronnie denies Black Panthers believed in cop killing.

Wed, Dec 5 Hour 3: Debate: Holy Spirit vs Bible scholarship; Jesus God? Born of God & sinning?
GUEST: Jay of California who believes Jesse has disdain for intellectualism and biblical scholarship. The Holy Spirit teaches us all things. Should we abandon Church, the Bible, and parents?

Has the Bible been changed?

KT of Maryland who seek knowledge, but it never helped. Jay sins but not “willingly.”

Beverly from Memphis, TN, thanks Jesse. Don’t follow people with a title.

Dave of Los Angeles says Jesus is God. Jay gets frustrated. Thanks for the discussion!

James of Virginia asks how Jesse got started in the radio business.

21 thoughts on “Wed, Dec 5: Ottley Diet; Immigrant Welfare; Trans Kid; Bible Scholars?”

  1. Jesse grieves me when it comes to his unfortunately damning error about Jesus. If you get that one wrong it doesn't much matter how many parents you forgive.

  2. Wow lots of triggered blacks in the comments today. Look whites have allowed you to think these lies for 60 years!. It’s not helping you! It’s time for the wake up call, you’re all wrong hahah’!!!

  3. I like Jesse but he didn't really answer his guest's questions. His guest made several distinct and fact-based points that Jesse chose not to address.
    1.) The bible we have today can be traced back to hundreds and hundreds of ancient manuscripts from various countries and be side-by-side compared and shown to be unaltered.
    2.) Thomas called Jesus "my Lord and my God" but wasn't corrected. Although Jesus never directly said "I am God", all of the implicit descriptions, predictions, and predictions allude to "the sacrificial Lamb" who takes away the sin of the world, returns to rule, judges the unrighteous, is worthy of praise and is sung to by the 24 elders as "Holy, Holy, Holy".

  4. White people depending on Jesse to take away their White Guilt…WTF is really goin on??? Well..Quit being Evil Devil's and u won't have Guilt…Simple! And No..I'm not a Racist because Jesse said Racism doesn't exist..Right…Riiiiight…lol

  5. 48:28
    If Joseph was still married to Mary, even when Jesus was born, that means, did Jesus have an Earthly father and a Heavenly Father? That is what Martin was asking, I think.

    Martin took it a step further and said, Joseph set a good example to Jesus, as he matured. Jesus was born and everyone forgot about Joseph, what happened?

  6. This is the "SMARTEST" , black man alive. Love you, Jessie!! Praise GOD!!!! You're AMAZINN!! I'll try to wake up to listen to you live later on. PEACE!!!

  7. "42:57 Anytime a preacher's willing to support wrong doing or support evil is not of God" Jesse's words. Jesse supports killing teenagers and calls them thugs, 2 or 3weeks ago he blamed the victim for getting shot by the police and said he should have known not to go to the mall. That's the man yall follow.

  8. Why are so many Christians so intent on continuing the practice of worshipping the sun/son? Its satan's trick to veer you away from God.

  9. The scribes and Pharisees had Jesus killed because he was a threat okay a threat all them words that both of you used are stupid Jesus was a threat

  10. THAT'S "AMAZING" to watch these 2 arguing over something that only exist in their mind. This is why we fight with one another in the first place. I may know scripture but i live my life as you do unto others as you would have them do unto you and if they screw you over you eliminate them

  11. I think that caller really had a good point when he asked Jessie how he could say that Maxine Waters has a low IQ when he can't read and speak proper English. Jesse is also uneducated ….go figure that 1 out…lol

  12. The kingdom of Heaven is inside you. The Kingdom of God is inside you. Look to the gentiles who have not the law, but live by the law, surely these have become a law unto themselves. God is a spirit. God is Love. The commandments which god hath given you is written upon your hearts.
    Jesus said all that. He also challenged the scribes and Pharisees. Said they worship their father the devil. He never ever claimed to be God either. Ever….
    Even in other cultures religions they day "know thyself" "Look within" etc. Jesus pretty much said the same thing.
    So Jesus was the Riddler? When Jesus said "Why are you calling me good? Only God is good." He was secretly and cryptically telling the person he was God. Woooooow. This guy you interviewed is an idiot. The Jews killed Jesus because he claimed to be the Messiah, and they didn't accept him as such. That is why he was killed you moron.

  13. Jesse says the Holy Spirit comes from the belly. Jesse does not know that Jesus was not his name. Jesse is a Pastor and he judges other people. Jesse the Pastor mocks his own race. Jesse the Pastor talks exclusively about politics which by law should be separated from his pulpit or Jesse has to pay taxes! So what is it Jesse, are you a Pastor, a Coon, or both? There is no such thing as a racist. So there is no such thing as a Jesse! And Jesse, I never said you was stupid. You are ignorant. There's a difference.

  14. Trump couldn't be bothered to recite the Apostles Creed in church today. That's your "Christian" "President", cultists.

  15. JLP is a heretic…the scriptures both implicity and explicitly say Jesus is God…the Father speaking to the Son:
     "But to the Son he says,'Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever.
        You rule with a scepter of justice'"
    – Hebrews 1: 8 NLT

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