Vintage looking journaling card booklet ephemera -process video

Vintage looking journaling card booklet ephemera -process video

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Make along with me as I invent my own vintage looking journaling card booklet ephemera for a junk journal. I used book page, playing cards, tea dyed paper, ink, stamps, and some unicorn dyed paper and doilie.

My unicorn dyed video:

My rosette video:

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21 thoughts on “Vintage looking journaling card booklet ephemera -process video”

  1. Really neat stuff, Kate, I’m glad you turned the camera on! Question: what is the “sanding” you reference about the playing cards?

  2. I believe we could start a Bunny fan club!!!!!! You have given him such a wonderful personality!!!!! I am still in love with your work. I went straight to your store, but all I could find was a clock!!!!! Alas…. Wait, the clock is beautiful, just not what I need/want right now!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Use your brayer to roll on your cards when using wet glue. Roll the unglued side first. Then roll over the wet side, don't press to hard on wet side, but as hard as you want on dry side. It helps to spread the glue to the edge of the cards.

  4. I love this project. I think I see some card booklets in my future…. love your desk. It looks neater than mine. hugs & aloha, Shelley

  5. These are so fun, Kate! Thanks for sharing them! I so agree with you. The making of videos is hobby number two! I don't do any editing to mine. Not because I don't want to. I just don't know how. You said you film and edit on your phone. I film on my phone too. Can you tell me if you use a certain app to edit, please? I really need to learn more about the editing aspect. Thanks for any help you can lend! ❤️

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