Tywin Lannister: 31 Years Old up to the Books

Tywin Lannister: 31 Years Old up to the Books

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Let’s talk about Tywin Lannister from 31 years old to right before the books begin!
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47 thoughts on “Tywin Lannister: 31 Years Old up to the Books”

  1. Twin stayed in a thankless job and served with distinction. He's not a character that inspires love but, if you don't respect his skills and dedication you're not paying attention.

  2. Yep, he was a cunt to Tyrion though and because of that I don't like him.

    The fool never realised his best and brightest was his youngest and smallest.

  3. One thing I’ve always wondered: given his hatred and disdain for Tyrion, why did he sleep with Shae (beyond the obvious reason)? I can’t reconcile that Tywin would want anything that had been “tainted” by Tyrion. I mean he hates him and feel he would be disgusted by a woman who slept with Tyrion just because of the fact it was Tyrion, let alone a whore and his whole backstory with his father and his “mistress”. So bearing all that in mind, why would he do it?

  4. he was a dick to tirion but he was a bright politician in a time of very incompetent governments (except Ned Stark), his death was bittersweet

  5. Honestly this really makes me think about starting a "What if Tywin was never Hand of the King?" mini-fanfic. The game would be changed in dramatic ways but could still have a more favorable outcome than the original story.

  6. every time i see that picture of Show-Rhaegar i get pissed. WHY does he look exactly like Viserys' lame ass? who thought that was a good idea?!

  7. Well, if it's not the lovely & enchanting Rawrist… RAWR!! Do a series over the area near the Bite & the Manderlys.

  8. Tywin is THE MAN and I kinda regret never having any chapter from his pov in the books.
    Imagine a chapter from him…

    "My family is actually kind of shitty but eh gotta fix dad's mistakes I guess…thanks dad."

  9. I think they should've just let Arys die. He was a total nutjob. Rhaegar would've been a better king than his father, especially with Tywin by his side as the hand of the king. I'm not sure if Robert's Rebellion could've been avoided, but things would've been different.

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