The Line Between Being a Gentleman and Being a Simp

The Line Between Being a Gentleman and Being a Simp

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31 thoughts on “The Line Between Being a Gentleman and Being a Simp”

  1. I had to abolish the word gentleman for no other reason because of the continued misinterpretations.. so now I say I am not a gentleman I am just a cool dude who believes ALL humans are deserving of respect and acts of kindness .. I open doors for men too just because it’s a kind thing thing to do..I draw the line when my kindness has grown into a expectation. ..good topic

  2. dudes like James bond and bruce wayne are gentlemen but they still thorough and select, a simp is FAR from gentlemen

  3. SIMP= A Punk who spends thousands of dollars on a woman simply because she’s pretty. He’ll even give her his credit card and tell her to buy whatever she wants.

  4. – A gentleman respects a woman AND respects himself.
    – A Simp respects a woman, but doesn't respect himself.

  5. You are correct and got a point on that whole beta and alpha terms it is just a title and both sides will have different opinions and different interpretations towards each other inside and outside those groups because all men have their opinions and interpretation on what is a real man

  6. Thanks brother for breaking down what a SIMP is/isn’t, that word has been so over used the true meaning is getting blurred…a man being nice to a female simply to be nice because that is in his nature does not make him a SIMP. Chivalry is not dead over here although some women view gentlemen behavior as weakness. I hold open doors for all women no matter their race or level of attractiveness not because I want to get at them but because that’s what gentlemen do. I teach my oldest son to be chivalrous and courteous to all females and not just the ones’ he finds attractive. You can be a gentlemen and a non-compromising man at the same time. This notion that men must be curt to women and only be kind to the ones’ giving them play is screwing with the thought process of these youngsters out here.

  7. According the urban dictionary this is definition of a simp.
    •A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.A man that puts too much value on a female for no reason. •A man that prides himself with "Chivalry" in hopes of getting sexual gratification form women.A square with no game other than “Rolling out the Red-Carpet” for every female.

  8. Masterpiece video right here Rom! You just broke down the whole analogy of a gentleman vs a simp which was on point! You're talking directly to me in this video all day, hands down! This exactly what I've been saying since the beginning of time to guys when it comes to women. It's nothing wrong with being a gentleman to a women, just don't be no damn fool or sucker for them. Most of the players and good bars are gentleman even if they have a little edge to them, they're just not stupid. I've always been a gentleman to women, Charming, smooth, pleasant and whatever I did for a woman, I chose to do it, they didn't force me to come out my pocket and do anything and if they did, I wouldn't let them no way! See Brothers need to realize that it doesn't take all of that to win a woman over if she's really into you, when you do decide to do something nice and special for tha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on your terms along with making sure she's worthy of it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great Video Uncle Rom. I am a True Gentlemen, and I would get ridiculed for that by some Brothas. I may be a Gentleman, but I have standards and I put my foot down, and I speak My Mind. That's not a Simp!

  10. I'm a gentleman because my mother raised me like that and i love women. Especially diamonds love me and i feel the same. Brothers we as strong men should lead our women. Be a husband to your wife.

  11. It's usually hard to locate myself in your videos. I enjoy watching regardless, though. Almost everything in this video is me, though. I don't do things to gain favor with a woman. I just believe in being a gentleman because that's who I am, not even necessarily because of a moral obligation.

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