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Princess Bola releases the sequel to her 2018 Purge Prophecy (See below), and unveils the Prophetic Symbolism of the 2019 Blood Moons as far as The Purge and Prophetic Performance (10th Seal) are concerned.

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THE LAST PRESIDENT | What a 164 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump, time travel & Nikola Tesla

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These are videos that I put together to make this video. THESE VIDEOS DO NOT BELONG TO ME NOR IS OF MY OWN WORK. I just took different videos and put them together to give you a picture of the past & present and hopefully the future……THE NEW ORDER ORDER IS NOW AT WORK.

Jewelry Donald Trump Tie Flea Market Garage Yard Estate Sale Finds Pick-Ups 12/14/18

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Jewelry Donald Trump Tie Hats Books

+ Under Cover Live Hunting Flea Market Garage Yard Estate Sale Finds Pick-Ups – 12/14/18

Here’s the stuff I got at Flea Markets, Yard, Garage, Estate sales and then I used my phone to record some live hunting & shopping today. 🙂


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Trump DESTROYS reporter at Anti Human trafficking signing

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Trump DESTROYS reporter at Anti Human trafficking signing

#TrumpSignsAntiHumanTrafficking #AntiHumanTraffickingLegislation #AntiHumanTraffickingBill

Trump signs law to pump $430 million into anti-human trafficking efforts.The bill was named for the prominent 19th-century African-American civil rights social reformer and abolitionist.

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Dems Can’t Stop Trump From Building the Wall!, 2514

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Dems Can’t Stop Trump From Building the Wall!, 2514

President Trump tonight, speaking in a rare oval office address, called the immigrant crisis at the Mexican border a national emergency and urged Democrats to come to the table.


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AP News Humiliates Trump With Speech Fact Check For History Books (FACTS)

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AP News Humiliates Trump With Speech Fact Check For History Books (FACTS)

Summary: Carissa House-Dunphy – January 9, 2019 No matter how large or small, if there’s a lie Trump can dream up, he’ll tell it. Tuesdays night’s address to the nation was so no different; in fact, it was like a roundup of Trump’s greatest hits on immigration and his ridiculous border wall claims. “Drug tra…

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Trump Signs Ashanti Alert Act Into Law. Here’s What It Is And Why It Matters

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Donald Trump recently signed the Ashanti Alert Act into law, creating an Amber-alert style emergency text system for adults between the ages of 18-64. Amber alerts only cover children under the age of 18 and silver alert covers adults over the age of 64. Ashanti Alert Act is named after Ashanti Billie, a 19 year old college student who was abducted from a naval base in Norfolk, Virginia who was later found deceased behind a church in Charlotte, NC. The church was 300 yards from the offender’s childhood home and the church is where he attended Sunday School.

The act was proposed by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) of Connecticut after a grassroots campaign in Norfolk, Virginia to forever memorialize the death of Ashanti Billie in a positive, productive way. House Rep Scott Taylor (R) of Virginia Beach was one of the first politicians to take notice of the grassroots effort led by Kim Wimbish, Michael Muhammad and others.



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Trump Signs Ashanti Alert Act Into Law to Create Alert System for Missing Adults

Ashanti Billie Coverage

Connecticut senator to introduce Ashanti Alert Act to U.S. Senate

Scott Taylor Speaks on Ashanti Billie

Trump Calls Deep State’s Bluff, Drops Mother of All Bombshells On Barack & Michelle

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Trump Calls Deep State’s Bluff, Drops Mother of All Bombshells On Barack & Michelle

President Donald Trump understands the “art of the deal.” In politics, timing is everything. Trump will do things no other president has ever done before because he is faced with a group of high-level Washington, DC, insiders called the “Deep State” who are out to destroy him. Well, my fellow patriots, our president just called their bluff, dropping the mother of all bombshells right on Barack and Michelle Obama’s heads. You will love this.
Does anyone ever wonder what happened to Barack Obama’s book deal? Remember, the big $65 million dollar-joint deal he and Michelle signed with Penguin Books. Well, Michelle finished her book, calling it “Becoming Michelle,” yet Barack just can not seem to get his done. Well, now we know why.
Poor Barack can not finish his book about his days as president because of what he has been worried about ever since Trump got elected, he would have to lie or incriminate himself. The truth is, Barack is responsible for the biggest case of corruption ever in the history of the United States.

If Watergate is the litmus test, then “Spygate” makes that corruption look like child’s play. Yes, we are talking about the former president having full knowledge that his FBI, DOJ, and CIA launched a bogus investigation into his party’s political rival, Donald Trump, and spied illegally on the Trump campaign and continued to do so after he was elected.
For months, Americans have grown sick and tired of the game playing around the redacted portions of the FISA applications, especially the first FISA application on Carter Page which would reveal what evidence were these swamp rats using to spy on Trump. Now, the president has announced that he is done playing games. Trump just issued an order to declassify the FISA applications and so much more!
“President Trump Monday ordered the declassification of several key documents related to the FBI’s probe of Russian actions during the 2016 presidential election, including an application for a renewed surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, and text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page,” reports Fox News.
The documents to be declassified also include 12 FBI reports on interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all other applications to surveil Carter Page.

Trump also ordered the Justice Department to release text messages from a number of the key players in the Russia investigation “without redaction” — including former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Ohr, Strzok and Lisa Page.
Understand the wording of Trump’s statement issuing this declassification is extremely important. This is political game playing, and the president can not seem as if he is using his executive powers to benefit himself, even though that is exactly what he is doing — and has every right to do it.
The Conservative Treehouse explains, “The president (WH counsel) is referencing ‘committee requests’, this is critical because it removes the legal conflict (executive self-interest) within the release; and makes the request a function of legislative branch oversight. Additionally, and importantly, the request calls for all of the prior text messages to be released without redactions.”
Well, Rep. Devin Nunes, who has viewed the redacted portions, told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that the mainstream media refuses to focus on the real corruption. Instead, they are “drinking the Russian kool-aid.” The Daily Caller reports, “House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said this week that Democrats and the media are likely to be ‘frightened’ by the information contained in Trump-Russia documentsthat Republicans are asking President Trump to declassify.”

This explains why Barack and Michelle have gone radio silent. In fact, the former president is expected to be in Philadelphia on Friday campaigning for Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey, but all of a sudden this is reported by Philly Voice: “Obama is slated to appear in North Philadelphia on Friday, Sept. 21, though the exact location and time (it will be in the afternoon) have not been publicly announced.”
Really? So the former president is not really sure where he will be in four days? He does not want to be anywhere near the spotlight when these damning reports are published. And Michelle? Same thing. She is slated to be in San Diego at the MindBody Conference this Friday. MindBody still have her on their website, but they have stopped tweeting out anything about her being there since September 14th. You would think they would be hyping that as much as possible, right?

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124 Year Old Book PREDICTS Donald Trump Presidency

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A 124 Year Old Book PREDICTS Donald Trump’s Presidency. Forum users have been jumping all over this President Trump news.
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Robert Mueller Gives Trump the World’s Easiest Open Book Test | The Daily Show

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The New York Times publishes a leaked list of questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans to ask President Trump as part of his Russian collusion investigation.

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Turns Out Obama Did EXACTLY What Acosta Blamed Trump For

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CNN’s Jim Acosta went on the attack against the troops and President Trump after his recent visit to Iraq.

The Washington Times reported that CNN analysts cast a disapproving eye Wednesday on U.S. soldiers in Iraq who asked President Trump to sign their red “Make America Great Again” hats at his surprise Christmas appearance.

“Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule,” said the Wednesday night headline on the CNN website.

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Jim Acosta, former Obama administration official and retired Rear Admiral John Kirby called it “completely inappropriate” for troops to seek autographs on the hats popularized in the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

“It is, in fact, a campaign slogan, that is a campaign item, and it’s completely inappropriate for the troops to do this,” Mr. Kirby said. “Not supposed to do this. And I’m sure their boss is seeing that. They’re not going to be happy about it.”

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr called it “very much against military policy and regulation.”

However, as it turns out, the Obamas also signed personal objects like photos and books for the troops.

From Town Hall

After slamming President Trump for failing to visit U.S. troops during Christmas time earlier this week and then having to completely backtrack when news broke he was in Iraq…visiting active duty troops, the media is still finding ways to criticize.

CNN’s latest concern? That U.S. service members dared to ask President Trump to sign their Make America Great Again [MAGA] hats. In fact, they’re accusing soldiers of breaking U.S. military protocol that could result in punishment.

But it turns out President Obama signed personal objects, like his photo, while visiting U.S. troops during his tenure. First Lady Michelle Obama also provided her signature to those who asked.

And no, U.S. troops didn’t violate any rules by asking President Trump, or Obama, for a signature.

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Trump Signed A Commemoration Of 400 Slavery In America From 1619-2019

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Trump is reminding our people of the 400 years that we have been in america and that will be in 2019.. from 1619 we are officially documented to be in america and came there as slaves…

Federal commission looks to commemorate 400 years of black history in Virginia

2019 Commemoration, AMERICAN EVOLUTION™ Applauds New Federal Commission Commemorating 400 Years Of African-American History

Is Your Donald Trump Autograph Real? or Autopen? Tips and Tricks

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So you’ve got yourself a Donald Trump autograph from eBay, but is it real? Is it from an autopen machine? WTF is an autopen machine? Here’s a few tips and tricks to help spot a fake autograph, and a few pointers for if you have been the victim of purchasing one of theses. If you did buy an autopen autograph the first thing I would do is contact the seller and see if you can work something out.
Also be sure to check out this thread by Autograph Planet on this subject…
You can also read about it here from ABC…

Russia Wins, Trump Pulling All Troops from Syria

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–In another major win for the authoritarian leaders of Russia and Turkey, Donald Trump announces that he will be pulling all US troops from Syria
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Broadcast on December 20, 2018

Black people BLAME Trump for Everything

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Criminal Justice Reform now passed, Urban Revitalization Executive Order Signed, lowest Black Unemployment in history, more funding provided to HBCUs, lower taxes, double child earned income credit, Serious, What more does Black America want from President Trump Black People Blame Trump For Everything, but to be fair, so does the liberal Main Stream Media!

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