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A Beginner’s Guide to making Journals – part 1 – recycled book covers

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There are a lot of new ones who are starting to show up and I’m getting tons of questions about easy bookmaking tips, so I thought I’d make a few videos on some beginner steps on making your own journal. Thanks for watching part 1 =)

Course FAQ:
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DIY Home Decoration / Recycled Old Newspaper

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Hi guys,

So these days i’ve been managing my old newspaper which turned out to be a lot. A LOT. Instead of throwing them away, i found this simple DIY and decided to share it with you too. I hope it helps! Leave any comment and request 🙂

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DIY recycled old newspaper :

DIY recycled newspaper into basket :

DIY recycled old calendar or newspaper into basket :

Recycled Christmas Card Star Ornaments

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A simple and easy craft to do with recycled Christmas cards!! All you need is 2 Christmas cards, scissors, glue and 15 minutes. Couldn’t be easier!! You can also use cardstock, scrapbooking paper, magazine or book pages, junkmail, etc.

The original idea and written instructions can be found in this tutorial:

And sorry for the ‘chirping’ in this video. It’s my camera adjusting the white balance and focus. It’s gotten bad, especially in this video, and I will be using a new camera in future videos. 🙂

Top DIY Room Decor Ideas Using Old Books | Recycled Crafts by Pawan Art & Tech

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Pawan Arts & Tech

Recycled Book Page Craft Ideas – 50+ Uses for Old Books

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50+ creative ideas to make things with old book pages:
– book page folding sculpture
– book page garland
– DIY book page wreath
– book page Christmas decorations
– DIY book page flowers
– book page table cover
– creative old book page home decor
– lovely old book page jewelry
– cute book page recycled stuff
– more paper crafts ideas to make from old book pages.

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Top-30 DIY Room Decor Ideas Using Old Books | Recycled Crafts

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Top-30 DIY Room Decor Ideas Using Old Books | Recycled Crafts
Top-30 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Book!

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