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Napoleon Hill Rare Recordings IX

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Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 — November 8, 1970) was an American author in the area of the new thought movement who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature. He is widely considered to be one of the great writers on success. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich (1937), is one of the best-selling books of all time (at the time of Hill’s death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold 20 million copies). Hill’s works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. He became an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1936. “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” is one of Hill’s hallmark expressions. How achievement actually occurs, and a formula for it that puts success in reach of the average person, were the focal points of Hill’s books.

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Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy

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Available everwhere books are sold, September 25, 2012.


Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy offers unprecedented insight into President John F. Kennedy’s thoughts on the many world events that marked his presidency, through the private conversations and meetings that took place during his time in office.

During his presidency, John F. Kennedy recorded more than 265 hours of meetings and telephone conversations. The taping system remained a closely held secret, even from his top aides. Now, Listening In gives readers a behind-the-curtain glimpse of one of America’s most beloved and revered presidencies. It is the first publication of such scope to offer an inside view of the Kennedy Oval Office by the decision makers themselves.

The Kennedy Library Foundation, along with historian Ted Widmer, selected the most engaging excerpts from President Kennedy’s White House recordings, which include Kennedy’s meetings with Civil Rights leaders; calls with Eisenhower and Truman after the Cuban Missile Crisis; and discussions on the nuclear test ban, Vietnam, the Space Race, and more. Each transcript is accompanied by annotations from Ted Widmer and an explanation of the historical context in which the recorded meeting took place. The publication also includes a foreword by Caroline Kennedy, photographs, and two 75-minute CDs of the most interesting recordings. Listening In gives readers unparalleled access to the decision-making process and thoughts of John F. Kennedy. These recordings offer readers a chance to step into the Oval Office and Cabinet Room as if they themselves were present.

Napoleon Hill – Self-Discipline – Rare Recordings V

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In this rare recording of Napoleon Hill you will hear Hill explain his philosophy of wealth and achievement as written in his book – Think and Grow Rich.

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