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Reconstructing an Antique Edwardian Mantle

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-Brocade: Ayazmoon, 39th St.
-Lining: A&K, 39th St.
-Ribbon: M&J Trimming
-Silk thread: Pacific Trimming
-Hooks & eyes: Pacific Trimming

For those in search of A1 grid sheet for patterning, because it exists pretty much nowhere:
-Cotton Tail Patterns, Etsy (

Where available, I’ve located links to the digitised versions of these texts for your amusement.

-Allington, Sarah May. Practical Dressmaking. The Page Company, Boston. 1913. Print. (
-Banner, Bertha. Household Sewing with Home Dressmaking. Longmans, Green, and Co. London, 1898. Print. (
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