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Introduction to Grandma’s Antique Recipes Book VIDEO 1

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Welcome again to Grandmas Antique Recipes,
I would like to introduce you to the paper back version of the book, which is also available to buy on Kindle from Amazon, Waterstones and The Bolton Museum and Art Gallery in the Local History department.
As well as family history, delicious recipes and medicines of a bygone era, I would like to bring your attention to a section at the back of the book on Bolton.
It is my intention to try to bring to life some of the places of interest in this part of the book by interviewing and filming the owners of the shops and premises I have written about, these shops have an interesting history attached to them and some have been owned by the same family for generations.
I am sure you will be enthralled with some of the historical events these premises have witnessed through the ages in the very colourful history of the Lancashire town of Bolton.
Happy Reading.
Patricia Matthews.

Let’s Play Suikoden II — 134) The Final Recipes and Old Books

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Showed off more of my voice work and the first cook-off! …Neither of which I should be proud of.

Collectible Items:
Old Book Vol. 11 – 4:30
Old Book Vol. 12 – 16:30
Recipe #35 – 21:45
Recipe #37 – 9:32

**Note: This is a re-upload of the same video I posted at the beginning of the month. That was just exported incorrectly. No one would notice unless you looked carefully, but it was 30fps at 1080p rather than my typical 60fps at 720p that I’ve been doing for this walkthrough. That 60fps make it look oh so smooth!