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10 Recalled Comics You Need To Know

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Key Collector Comics explains the differences between recalled, sometimes rare, valuable comics books and their reissued counterparts that don’t have any value.

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To see what each issue cost, click on the corresponding link below:

1. Action Comics #869 “Superman Drinking A Beer”

2. Elseworlds 80 Page Giant “Superman’s Babysitter”

3. Elektra #3 “Nude”

4. Spider-Man Reign #1 “Peter Parker Nude”

5. Halle the Hooters Girl #1 “Recalled Lawsuit”

6. All Star Batman and Robin #10 “Swearing”

7. Green Lantern #1 “Sinestro Cover Error”

8. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 “Marvel Douche Recall”

9. Wolverine #131 “Racial Slur”

10. Universe X: Spidey