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R L Allan New Classic Readers Edition Review – Marine Blue & Purple Limited Editions

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In this video I review two limited editions R L Allan New Classic Readers Edition bibles, the Marine Blue NC1BL and the Purple NC1P.

Allan continues to bind these bibles in 4 standard colors of their highland goatskin; black, brown, tan, and the new navy blue. You can purchase these bibles directly from R L Allan at www.bibles-direct.co.uk or from Evangelical Bible at www.evangelicalbible.com.

The two bibles featured in this video are out of print and no longer available new, however they can still be found on websites like www.bibleexchange.com where sellers can auction their fine bibles. Check out the new Bible Exchange website, and also look them up the Bible Exchange group on Facebook.

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How to write a bestselling book (writing books that satisfy readers)

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Most people talk about writing as an art: go into your cave and produce a book that’s uninfluenced by the market. That’s a recipe for publishing failure 98% of the time. It’s fine if you want to do it anyway; but most authors actually want to write books that make money and satisfy readers – they’re just doing it wrong. Books aren’t made bestsellers through marketing and a smart book launch: they are made bestsellers during the writing process. They are made to satisfy readers of a particular genre. This is true for the vast majority of books, and is only not true (in some, rare cases) for literary non-fiction or bizarre breakout books that happen to do well. If you want to publish fiction or non-fiction books as a career, you need to treat your book like a product and make sure it meets and overdelivers on readers expectation. You do that by conforming to and then redefining genre conventions (tell the right kind of story, just do it better).

This video is part of a free video series on publishing bestselling books, where I talk about book design, book marketing, building an author platform and advanced book marketing strategies nobody else is using (yet). You can watch it here:


Hey there – I’m Derek Murphy. I’m a fine artist who became a book cover designer, then started writing young adult scifi and fantasy. I’ve spent almost 20 years living abroad, have a PhD in comparative literature (revolutionary politics in Paradise Lost), and have been featured in CNN for renting castles to use as writing retreats. Although I’m not working with clients anymore, I’ve built a ton of resources to help indie authors write, design and publish bestselling books.

On this channel, I talk about writing, publishing and creating personal freedom with unconventional business strategies and providing value. My videos are unpolished and a little raw, because we travel full-time and I focus on content, not production quality.

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NYSL: Anthony T. Grafton, Books & Barrels: Readers and Reading in Colonial America

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The New York Society Library presents Anthony T. Grafton on “Books & Barrels: Readers and Reading in Colonial America”

The settlers of New England and the Mid-Atlantic states brought many practices with them from New England. One of them was reading: a particular kind of reading, intensive, engaged, and carried out with pen in hand. Lawyers, fur traders, and alchemists worked their way through difficult and demanding books, many of them in Latin, and recorded what they thought of them on blank pages and in margins. This lecture will examine some of these readers—notably the members of the Winthrop family, many of whose books are held at the New York Society Library, and James Logan of Philadelphia—and their books.

Dr. Anthony T. Grafton is the Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton University. He is the author of ten books and the coauthor, editor, coeditor, or translator of nine others, most recently Worlds Made by Words: Scholarship and Community in the Modern West (Harvard University Press, 2009). Professor Grafton’s special interests lie in the cultural history of Renaissance Europe, the history of books and readers, the history of scholarship and education in the West from antiquity to the 19th century, and the history of science from antiquity to the Renaissance. He joined the Princeton History Department in 1975 after earning his A.B. (1971) and Ph.D. (1975) in history from the University of Chicago.

This event is part of the Book History Colloquium at Columbia, co-sponsored by the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University.