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Raymour & Flanigan Review: Modern Home Office

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Furnish YOUR unique style with Raymour & Flanigan! No matter what your look is, we’re committed to having something for everyone. Watch this video to see how Kristen furnished her new office.

Many people out there might look at a navy blue panel wall as a huge obstacle in achieving the perfect look of a room, but Kristen saw it as an opportunity to create the home office of her dreams. The design came from the idea of having a strong focal point in the form of a feature wall. She stayed consistent with her other pieces of furniture and home accent pieces, including her oriental rug.

One corner of her new home office is used as a reading nook which she furnished using a cozy white accent chair to add sophistication and comfort. The chair sits like a puzzle piece between marble accent side tables that could be used for a table lamp, and a beautiful bookshelf which holds all sorts of books crucial for working efficiently in a home office, as well as memorabilia and small pieces of decor. She uniquely placed the computer desk in the middle of the room instead of against the wall.

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