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WHAT DID RAWGATE DO TO RUSEV? Steve And Larson Book WWE Raw! (WWE 2K19 Gameplay)

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HELP! MY NEWBORN WON’T GAIN WEIGHT (2 Week Check Up – Raw & Uncut) | Dr. Paul

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Roman Reigns relinquishes the Universal Title to battle his returning leukemia: Raw, Oct. 22, 2018

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Monday Night Raw begins with an emotional announcement from The Big Dog.


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How Do You Value Raw Signed Comics | Let’s Chat | Comic Book Collecting | New Collector

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Question. How do you go about valuing raw signed comics? Is there a rule of thumb that you apply? A mathematically equation? How do you determine if you’re going to overspend for a raw signed comic? LET’S CHAT.


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This channel focuses on CGC unboxings, grail reveals, weekly hauls and tips for collectors.


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Big Star & Raw Sports had the amazing opportunity to do what some die hard Duke Mens Basketball fans would trade the deed of their house for. Big Star not only attended a game at the legendary Cameron Indoor Stadium, I got to interview fans, went sight seeing, sat right behind the Duke bench, hung out with the Duke players exclusively after the game, and my entire days journey was all documented for the record books. This footage is super rare and legendary, and i’m so Blessed to have had the opportunity. Enjoy, and this film is dedicated all the die hard Duke Fans who will never visit Cameron Indoor Stadium in real life. This film is the next best thing.
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Edibles Regulations, TILT Holdings, Brandon Colwell & Ravenquest BioMed – Midas Letter RAW 128

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Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. Ed Milewski and Benjamin A. Smith provide comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis on all trending business and investment news, while interviewing the top CEOs of all public companies and analysts with the highest reputations in the business.

0:00 – Dale & Lessman LLP Partner Chad Finkelstein dissects the Health Canada draft regulations for edibles, topicals, and extracts.

10:40 – Midas Letter News
– ABInBev (NYSE:BUD) and Tilray Inc (NASDAQ:TLRY) partnership to research cannabis beverages (through subsidiary Labatt)
-Relay Medical Corp (CNSX:RELA) and AgraFlora Organics International Inc (CNSX:AGRA) joining forces called Glow Life Technologies Ltd
-Aphria Inc (TSE:APHA) subsidiary ABP signed LOI for Argentinian ops
-BlissCo (CNSX:BLIS) signed supply agreement for non-medical cannabis with BC
-Green Growth Brands (CNSX:GGB) on the OTC (GGBXF)

13:04 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben
-cannabis news front: NASDAQ100 index has not traded below February lows, had a little bounce back today, cannabis stocks have followed that
-Ben: to me it looks like the market could be pricing in a recession
-inverted yield curve

17:32 – TILT Holdings Inc (CNSX:TILT) (OTCMKTS:SVVTF) is an infrastructure and technology company focused on the cannabis space. CEO Alexander Coleman explains that the company is a multi-state operator with vertical integration. While TILT has some retail locations, the company isn’t focused on selling cannabis; instead, TILT offers an extensive range of products and services to retailers.

24:29 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben
-Ben on TILT: the amount of cash they had surprised me; gives them the chance to weather the storm
-Ed on TILT: looked at the chart, held close to issue price

-QQQ (NASDAQ100 Index) have bounced; see weather this number tests and re-tests; create higher lows?
-significant erosion over the past few months;
Q: Why do you think Khiron is up the last 3 sessions? A: Khiron performing against the space is a really good sign; don’t have the same cash burn rate as other juniors; Vicente Fox
-Tilray news: ABInBev biggest beer conglomerate in the world; conceivable they could have a commercial beverage in Q4 2019
-Q:Altria and Cronos, JUUL A: Big deal, especially the JUUL deal; Altria took two notch hit to credit rating to do the deals

38:12 – FTMIG Director and Consultant Brandon Colwell shares his thoughts on how the speed of social media is impacting investing, especially in the cannabis space. Colwell talks about the passing of the Farm Bill as it’s signed into law, highlighting a subtle change in the legislation that might dampen spirits in the cannabis space.

49:24 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed and Ben
-S&P down
-what’s happening in the market is trumping what’s happening with the macro environment
-a few months ago any of these macro catalysts would have sent prices soaring

52:31 – RavenQuest BioMed Inc (CNSX:RQB) (OTCMKTS:RWQF) (FRA:1IT) CEO George Robinson is enthusiastic about the company’s recently signed supply agreement with Wayland Group (CNSX:WAYL) (FRA:75M) (OTCMKTS:MRRCF). RavenQuest will provide Wayland with supply and the deal secures a 2019 revenue stream for RavenQuest.

59:58 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben
-all about base building right now
-long term issues: Fed balance sheet, 2008 crisis to create liquidity; retiring bonds, proceeds not being reinvested,
-In 2008 Chinese economy was able to backstop the world economy (bought all the commodities)
-gold: good candle today

1:09:02 – Video – Midas Letter on the Road: with clips from the Organigram, James E Wagner, Green Relief, Khiron, HEXO, CannTrust, Liberty Health site tours. Liz West hosts.

1:22:53 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben
-volume on SPY second largest volume to the downside; going down on heavy volume
-want to see positive base building
-Tilray chart: very good day today; how bright of a light is it?
-Acreage (CNSX:ACRG.U) down to $12.80
-everything going through the woodchipper, few exceptions (Khiron)

Tomorrow: Dmitri Zaytsev, Benjamin A Smith, Best of Midas Letter Features


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