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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Road to Platinum – Easiest Way To The Platinum Trophy

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Road to Platinum where I show you the steps you should take to quickly platinum a game. .

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

This Pattern is Mine (Platinum)
You got them all. You got them all.

Tea Leaf (Gold)
Attempted to break into every caravan in Lakeside Holiday Camp

Wrong Number (Gold)
Spent time waiting for a call

The End (Gold)
Completed the game

Completionist (Gold)
Triggered all of the story in the game

Graffiti Artist (Gold)
Found all the Chads

Bibliophile (Gold)
Read all of the Bittern books

Radio Enthusiast (Gold)
Listened to all the radios before doing anything else

Lost (Gold)
Read all of the You Are Here maps

Howard’s Train (Silver)
Spent time playing with Howard’s train set

Trainspotter (Silver)
Noted all of the train numbers

Perpetual Motion (Silver)
Rode the Witches Hat for two minutes

Moonwalker (Silver)
Simulated walking backwards for fifty seconds

Backtracker (Silver)
Used the hidden paths to return to each area in the game

Open Ended (Silver)
Reached Stephen’s bunker without ending any other story arc

Hypochondriac (Bronze)
Arrived and left Wade’s surgery many, many times

Ready Meal (Bronze)
Made some tasty meals using the power of nuclear energy

Last Orders (Bronze)
Waited for a pint at The Stars and The Whistler

Passive Observer (Bronze)
Discovered the power of interactivity by doing nothing at all