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Unboxing New Limited Edition Chanel No5 |Christmas Edition 2018 |First Impressions and Swatches!

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Hi my Lovelies!
Another Chanel Unboxing for you, the Christmas edition 2018.
The Le LION DE CHANEL is £50 and my shade is Dark.
The No5 Lipstick is £32

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Beautiful Books: The Art of the Limited Editions Club

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Learn more at AbeBooks’ Guide to Collecting books by the Limited Editions Club:

The Limited Editions Club of New York, was founded in 1929 by George Macy.

It was a book club that allowed members to pay a subscription fee to receive publications on a regular basis. What set the Limited Editions club apart from typical book clubs was the type of book they published.

Each publication was limited to a short print run and combined classic texts with beautiful illustrations from artists such as Arthur Szyk, Pablo Picasso, Al Hirschfeld, Rockwell Kent, Edmund Dulac, and Arthur Rackham. These wonderful pairings of art and literature made books from the Limited Editions Club highly sought after.

One of the most famous Limited Edition Club books is James Joyce’s Ulysses which was illustrated by Henri Matisse. It was published in 1935; and of the 1500 copies that were printed, only 250 also contained a Joyce’s signature. AbeBooks once sold one of these signed copies for $6,500.

One of my favourites is Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 illustrated by Joseph Mugnaini. The artist perfectly captures the feel of Bradbury’s book and the supposedly un-burnable aluminium binding completes the package.

From 1929 to 1985, the Limited Editions Club published 548 titles, with each title being limited to around 1500 copies. Then from the mid-1980s into the new millennium, the club slowed production only printing a handful of titles each year. You can find hundreds of examples of books published by the Limited Editions Club on AbeBooks.

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PIANO ALBUM CDs – Limited First Press Editions available now!

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Stephen King’s MISERY – Signed Limited from Suntup Editions

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Let’s get up close and personal with Suntup Editions signed limited edition of MISERY by Stephen King.

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Sam and Sue have got 50 little Hatchimal eggs to open today! They want to find a golden Hatchimal and they hope there is one among those 50 eggs. Join them on their exciting journey and watch those little animals hatch!

Hatchimals collEGGtibles are cute and adorable magical winged creatures. They are so fun to play with. Rub the little heart on the egg until it changes color and then the shell is easy to break! Hatch as many magical animals as you want!

Sue hopes to find rare and limited Hatchimals as well, like Magical Kittycan from the Magical Meadow collection or Crystal Octapitta from the Crystal Canyon collection. Watch the video to see if she succeeds!


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Title: Cuckoo

Title: Joyful Kids with Playful Marimba

Fine Bindings by Easton Press , Franklin Library , Limited Editions Club , Folio Society etc

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Some wonderful NEW ARRIVALS in Fine Bindings. Breathtaking tomes bound in full leather and ornately embellished in 22k gold by the Easton Press. Rather scarce Easton Press selections from their Presidents , Military , History and Science Series.
Beautifully bound classics by the Franklin Library too , also the Franklin Library’s First Edition Series.
Stunning works by the Folio Society, Limited editions Club and Heritage Press too. Almost 100 titles in Fine Bindings have just arrived!

The Wanderer & Other Old-English Poems | A limited edition from The Folio Society

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This new limited edition of The Wanderer & Other Old-English Poems has been lavishly illustrated by Alan Lee. Detailed watercolours evoke the magic and the mystery of the poetry, bringing key moments vividly to life, while intricate ink-drawn ornamental borders mirror the themes of life and death.

The Old English texts and their translations by Michael Alexander are set on facing pages for ease of reading. This stunning edition is quarter-bound in goatskin with blind and silver blocking on the spine and boards printed and blocked with a design by the artist. Each of the 750 copies are signed and numbered by Alan Lee.

The Folio Society produces beautifully crafted collector’s editions of the world’s greatest books, each with unique illustrations or specially researched photographs throughout. Find books you love at foliosociety.com

View this edition at www.foliosociety.com/wanderer

2019 Peugeot 508 First Edition Design Special Limited First Impression Lookaround

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2019 Peugeot 508 First Edition Design Special Limited First Impression Lookaround

There is our another walkaround Video,
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2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Airstream Interstate Motor Home Special First Impression Walkaround 4k

3. Mercedes Benz S Class S63 AMG Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

4. Mercedes V Class V250 Edition1 Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

5. Mercedes S Class Coupe S500 Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

6. Lamborghini Huracan LP610 4 Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

7. Jaguar CX 17 Sport SUV Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

8. International LoneStar Truck Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

9. Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Truck Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

10. Dacia Duster Black Doff Special First Impression Walkaround 4K Edition

11. Chevrolet Captiva LT Diesel White SE Special First Impression Walkaround 4K

12. Audi S8 Black SE Special First Impression Walkaround 4K

Scholomance Rare Books – Occult Books – Rare, Antiquarian, Limited Editions and Fine Bindings

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These are selections from the bookshelf @ Scholomance Rare Books. Scholomance specializes in the esoteric arts and sciences, arcane spirituality and the occult, comparative religion, philosophy, and mythology.


Music : Yann Tiersen

2019 Peugeot 508 SW First Edition | Exclusive Limited Version

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Based on the high-end GT finish, the PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition limited edition has new exterior attributes: shiny black grille surround, Augusta twin-tone 19” alloy wheels with Grey Dust varnish. It will be available in three colours: Dark Blue, Pearly White and Amazonite Grey.

The PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition will be available in PureTech 225 S&S EAT8 and BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT8 engines. These engines are approved according to the WLTP certification protocol.

High-class interior

The interior of the new PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition is adorned with Zebrano essence wood trim and black or red Sellier leather. This limited version of course includes the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® consisting of a compact full-grain leather steering wheel, a configurable head-up digital panel and a 10” HD capacitive touch screen. In order to further enhance its dynamic character, the PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition features a black headliner, full LED mood lighting, aluminium pedals and door sills specific to this version.

With the hands-free tailgate, the PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition’s boot has a wood flooring in Zebrano essence, with anti-slip bars: only on this version! A velvet upholstery with flaps is also provided to protect the floor, the boot sill and the bumper during loading.

Technological arsenal

The new PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition features the complete arsenal of driving aids featured on the new PEUGEOT 508 and PEUGEOT 508 SW. As the only one on the segment, the Night Vision function makes it possible to detect living beings in front of the vehicle at night (up to 200m, beyond main beam).

Induction smartphone charging is available, as well as the digital radio and the 10”HD capacitive touch screen. The latter includes connected 3D navigation with voice recognition and access to the TomTom® connected services package (real-time traffic, fuel prices, parking, weather, local searches).

In order to enhance your journey, the PEUGEOT 508 SW First Edition is equipped with the FOCAL® high-fidelity sound system. For this limited version, PEUGEOT has teamed up with FOCAL® to offer an exclusive wireless headset, designed by the Peugeot Design Lab, so that you can continue your FOCAL® audio experience outside the vehicle.

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Darksiders 2 Summer Of Death Signed Limited Edition Ibanez Custom Guitar Unboxing & Review – HD

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Buying, selling, unboxing, and collecting videogame collectibles! Got something rare and neat you want to share, help identify, sell, or find… hit me up! 👍

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Rare Book Moment 19: Colophons and limited editions

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No. 19: Rare book appraiser Michael Slicker discusses modern day colophons and their origin as well as the differences between more valuable and less valuable limited editions. Michael Slicker, a recognized authority on antiquarian books, has owned Lighthouse Books, ABAA in St. Petersburg, Florida, for more than 35 years. Michael Slicker’s Rare Book Moment is recorded at Lighthouse Books, ABAA. Music by Jack Payne: Back to Those Happy Days

Lighthouse Books, ABAA specializes in antiquarian books, serving St. Petersburg, Tampa, the Tampa Bay area and all of Florida. In addition to rare books, out-of-print books, antique maps and vintage prints and antique photographs, Lighthouse Books, ABAA also offers expert antiquarian book appraisals.

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2018 BMW M5 First Edition Limited – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2018 Detroit Auto Show

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Welcome to SuperCarTube!
The Super fuel for car lovers.
Join us in our daily series of videos from the biggest Auto Shows in Europe, USA and Canada, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles.
Sneak into the best new cars. Еxplore the interior together with the exterior like you are already there.
We bring you right at the heart of the models, because we share the same passion.
So enjoy the video ride!
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Signed Ultra Rare Deluxe Fine Press & Letterpress Limited Edition || 1984 & Animal Farm

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Please watch: “New Books in: May | Mystics and Folio”
Check out these incredible rare editions of ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ from fine press publishers Plume. By George Orwell. Totally signed too.

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Recording dates: 1/4-2018.


From Sweden with Love.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Collectible set

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December 15, 2016 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Collectible set

I share with you some really unique Christmas figurines that I have acquired over the year. These collectibles are of something very special to me and the family when it comes to the Christmas holiday. Please enjoy these wonderfully designed talking & singing figurines from beloved animated classic Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer released so many years ago in 1964.

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The Importance of Being Earnest, Signed by Oscar Wilde. First and Limited Edition, 1899.

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The Importance of Being Earnest, Signed by Oscar Wilde. First and Limited Edition, 1899. London: Leonard Smithers and Co, 1899.

You can view our first edition of The Importance of Being Earnest on our UK site here:
Or alternatively on our U.S. site here:

Presented by Sammy Jay, Rare Books Specialist at Peter Harrington Rare Books – &

Square octavo. Original pale purple cloth, gilt lettered spine, gilt floral motifs from designs by Charles Shannon on spine and covers, edges untrimmed. Housed in a custom-made green cloth solander box. Discreet book labels of Llewellyn Wright and J. O. Edwards on front pastedown; spine of box faded, spine of book sunned, one very small black blemish on back cover, front and rear free endpapers browned (as usual). A fine copy.

First and limited edition, one of 100 numbered large paper copies signed by Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde’s last play, opened to great acclaim on Valentine’s Day 1895 but was withdrawn after Wilde’s failed libel suit against Lord Queensbury led to his arrest. The subsequent “utter social destruction of Wilde” (ODNB) meant that the play was not published in book form until February 1899, after Wilde’s release from prison. Richard Ellmann comments that Smithers’s handsome editions of Earnest and An Ideal Husband “brought Wilde a little money”. Wilde’s signature on the limitation leaf poignantly reflects his mental state after the shattering nature of his recent experiences, concluding dramatically with a firmly executed oblique downwards stroke.

The Importance of Being Earnest, Signed by Oscar Wilde.