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New Junk Journal Flip Through

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Hello there and welcome to my channel 💕. I hope you enjoy this fun Flip Through of this sweet little book.
It has Beautiful Cream Lace and Mint Trim. Junk Journal with Fabric Cover and Beautiful Lace and Trim “ Enjoy the Journey” is a sweet little book that has various images with a possible theme of a young woman’s life. Each decorated page is a beautiful place to put memories of your life. There are images in every page to prompt your creativity for: further decorating, writing, placing pictures, memorabilia and more. Images of party streamers, flowers, deer, hearts, houses, cameras, books, etc.
I made this sweet Junk Journal for myself but decided to sell it because I sold my other books that I listed on my Etsy and wanted to share this one too.

This sweety has a beautiful fabric cover with an altered vintage jewelry piece turned into a name plate which is layered on a fabric collage.
Cover also has other collaged elements like buttons, ribbon, trim and faux pearls.
This book is pretty embellished with lots of sewing on pages and tags, different laces, fabrics, tea dyed paper, buttons, charms, die cuts and more. Topped off with a furry paper clips that have various strips of fabrics and bits and bobs.

***Since I made this one for myself, I chose a beautiful page for the center of the signature, which is a gold color painted page that has the hymn “ My Jesus, I Love Thee”.
I wanted to POINT THAT OUT so that if you purchase this book, you are aware of what you are getting.

This sweety pie is about 8 x 4 inches and has about 52 face pages ( that includes front and back and doilies and short pages).

You will be sure to love this sweety 💕Enjoy 😘

Music: Mes(s)merized
Musician: Philip E Morris

Handmade Wedding Album | Custom Made Vintage Junk Journal | Hand-painted

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This is a custom made wedding album that I hand-painted the cover. I built the cover from scratch, added beaded charms and made lace ribbon closure with big key charm. Inside, it has a wide variety of papers in pink, yellow, soft green and a little bit of light purple. Also the junk journal has lots of stitched pockets inside!

– Masking roll sticker CLASSIC ROSE by Bande
– Fairytale Floral paper pad by DCWV
– Journaling 4×6 notecards from wild+free collection by Prima
– Border punch Bloem by Vaessen Creative
– Large edge embroidery punch by EK tools

– lotusblubookart
– Johanna Clough:
– Gina:
– Nik the Booksmith:

I hope you enjoyed this video and liked this journal. If you have any question, leave it below.

You can also order custom-made book for this cover design. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me on Etsy shop or by an e-mail; [email protected]

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Shop Update: Vintage Cookbooks, HandyMan Book for Junk Journals, Altered Books

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Hi, I’m Jeri from Recycled Parts 4 Art… Welcome to Learn at The Little House where I’ll be teaching/sharing/showing you how to do things using recycled bits and bobs that most people would toss!

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How to make Junk journal embellishments using only junk – book paper #Justjunkjournalchallenge

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Here are some embellishments i will be using in one of my #justjunkjournalchallenge journals. Challenge starts Jan 7th and ends Jan 30th.

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‘Cambridge’ – Vintage Junk Journal by EVG

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Vintage Nature Study and Sea Voyage Junk Journals

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SM Tiffany Lane

SM Tiffany Lane DT package Video!

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Junk Journal Flip Through and Shop Update (Part One)

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These are 4 junk journals made from hardback books using Maggie Holmes’ Willow Lane Collection as well as vintage papers such as book pages, ledger paper, etc.

2 of the journals are “naked” with no pockets, tags, embellishments etc and the other 2 have all the yummy fixings. These will all be available on January 1, 2019!

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Junk Journal Spine Tutorial {Little Golden Book}

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today’s video we are creating a baby book for Baby Taylor.
I have so many pictures and memorabilia from our journey together.
its been such an amazing journey being her foster mom.
I never expected to love her as much as i do.
God truly knew what he was doing when he brought us together.
Im so excited about this book and creating it with all you wonderful friends.
thanks for watching!

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Junk Journal Vintage Christmas Page!!

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I used a beutiful Christmas napkin for this page in my Ready Set Go! Junk Journal!

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Collect junk mail, magazine, catalogs and old books for your journals

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Collect junk mail, magazine, catalogs and old books for your journals. Get a box for all your cut out picture and save money on printing stuff of your computer. Go to your local thrift stores and see if they have any stuff they can’t sell but will let you have for free. Please make a donation for those free items and keep the receipt for your journal.
We are creating our own journals together and making them unique to our taste. Watch now. Have fun and fail with me. Life is about the journey, not the end results. Never done this before and it is never too late to start. // Collect junk mail, magazine, catalogs and old books for your journals. || journal journey || journal with me
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Ralph Lauren Creative Director Mary Randolph Carter on The Virtues of Junk

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Mary Randolph Carter, or Carter, as she’s known, has worked high up at fashion house Ralph Lauren for decades. She’s currently the creative director. That’s her day job.

In her free time, she collects stuff. She calls it junk. And she’s got a lot of junk.

In her New York apartment, her walls are filled with old pictures. There are books stacked under desks, along the walls, sometimes out in the open. If you’re sitting on her sofa with a drink, your best bet is to probably hold onto it: more often than not, her coffee table, surely an antique, is covered in vases, little sculptures, and more books. Always more books.

Does her place look busy? Yeah, a little. But it doesn’t look cluttered. It’s deliberate. It’s thoughtful. Welcoming. Everything has a story.

Mary has authored a handful of books about junk: photos of flea markets, guides to antique stores, and design inspiration. Her design philosophy is summarized in her book titles: A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life , Never Stop to Think… Do I Have a Place for This?, and her latest The Joy of Junk: Go Right Ahead, Fall In Love With The Wackiest Things, Find The Worth In The Worthless, Rescue & Recycle The Curious Objects That Give Life & Happiness.

Mary talks to Jesse about meeting Ralph Lauren for the first time and why great junk finding in New York is easy.

HUGE Goodwill Haul for Junk Journal Ephemera and Lots of Vintage Books!

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WATCH ME IN HD!!! Hello darlings, today I’m sharing a different type of haul with you guys! While I was in Maine, I was able to go to a TON of Goodwills in search of all things vintage that I can use for my junk journals. I found a ton of amazing stuff and I’m really happy that I was able to find so many children’s books that I had when I was younger for such a cheap price too! The Maine Vlogs should be up on my vlog channel (SimplyRoseLynneVlogs – next week so make sure you give my new channel a follow to keep up with the new videos that come out 😀

I hope you guys enjoy!

Rose Lynne


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(SOLD-THANKS!)-Ebony Vintage Junk Journal Kit and Journal Flip Through-show and Tell

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In this video i show and tell about my new Ebony Vintage Journal Kit and Flip through my new Ebony Vintage Junk Journal.
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❤Ebony Vintage-A Beautiful Vintage Junk Journal in honor of the sistahood.. OMG! This junk Journal is so cute and useful. You can add your own photos and papers to this one.
▶♥♥ There are 86 pages including tea dyed journal pages. It measures 5 by 7 AND A HALF with a 3 inch semi-round spine to help the book lay flat on just about every page for easy use.
Handmade. Designer papers used..My Ebony Vintage downloadable journal pages.
❤Come with a bedazzled designer charm dangle.
❤Let yourself get organized with style with these beautiful papers . Plenty of room to grow.

❤This listing is for 1 Junk Journal with 3 signature .There are 86 pages in this journal including tea dyed papers.

▶♥♥ You can find this beautiful junk Journal in my Elegant Tools store here-
THANKS FOR WATCHING.much love to all!
New junk journal video coming soon!

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Everything is energy and these beautiful elegant tools are infused with universal grid energy. I have invoked the Goddess to help me create these beautiful and most powerful tools, altered Jars, Artdolls, books and other energy tools coming… I wanted to offer a very high vibrational energy tools..and beautiful creations. All my elegant designer energy wands are created with Laguna and casting resin for the highest quality and durability I could find to work with.Life is a continual exchange of energy….Enjoy the energy i share as i enjoy yours.

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