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THE LAST PRESIDENT | What a 164 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump, time travel & Nikola Tesla

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These are videos that I put together to make this video. THESE VIDEOS DO NOT BELONG TO ME NOR IS OF MY OWN WORK. I just took different videos and put them together to give you a picture of the past & present and hopefully the future……THE NEW ORDER ORDER IS NOW AT WORK.

The Rosary as the Weapon! with Fr Donald Calloway

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The Rosary has a divine origin and goes back nearly 700 years. It is THE preeminent weapon of the Christian. Dr Taylor Marshall interviews Father Donald Calloway MIC about his book “10 Wonders of the Rosary”. They discuss the origin of the Rosary, famous battles such as Lepanto and Malta, and the Saints, Popes, and Martyrs of the Rosary.

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Jewelry Donald Trump Tie Flea Market Garage Yard Estate Sale Finds Pick-Ups 12/14/18

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Go Fund me for VideoGamerdaryll

The Scummy Resellers

JC Promotions Website

Nicky ” Voices ” Petito


Bargain Barons





Chase After The Right Price

Living the Good Life

Pick’n For Treasure With Sherman

Thrift Hunter

Jewelry Donald Trump Tie Hats Books

+ Under Cover Live Hunting Flea Market Garage Yard Estate Sale Finds Pick-Ups – 12/14/18

Here’s the stuff I got at Flea Markets, Yard, Garage, Estate sales and then I used my phone to record some live hunting & shopping today. 🙂


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Schaum Piano Course Pre A The Green Book, Page 17, Old Mac Donald

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Schaum Piano Course Pre A The Green Book, Page 17, Old Mac Donald

Things to Remember – 0:00
Play with Me – 4:22

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Pawn Stars: Pinocchio and Donald Duck Toys | History

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A seller approaches enters the shop with some toys from classic Disney tales and Rick makes getting to a good deal look like child’s play in this clip from Season 9’s episode, “Extreme Pawnover.” #PawnStars
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“Pawn Stars” follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

124 Year Old Book PREDICTS Donald Trump Presidency

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A 124 Year Old Book PREDICTS Donald Trump’s Presidency. Forum users have been jumping all over this President Trump news.
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Is Your Donald Trump Autograph Real? or Autopen? Tips and Tricks

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So you’ve got yourself a Donald Trump autograph from eBay, but is it real? Is it from an autopen machine? WTF is an autopen machine? Here’s a few tips and tricks to help spot a fake autograph, and a few pointers for if you have been the victim of purchasing one of theses. If you did buy an autopen autograph the first thing I would do is contact the seller and see if you can work something out.
Also be sure to check out this thread by Autograph Planet on this subject…
You can also read about it here from ABC…

Donald N. Mott, Howard S. Mott, Inc.

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Donald (“Rusty”) Mott of Howard S. Mott, Inc. in Sheffield, MA was born into the rare book business, but only began selling in 1970 after holding a number of varied and interesting positions. Rusty’s father, Howard S. Mott, established the firm in New York City 1936, and it became one of the founding firms of the ABAA.

Howard S. Mott, Inc. specializes in First Editions, Americana, Literature, Unusual Imprints, Caribbean (especially Lesser Antilles), Autograph Letters and Manuscripts.

“Stuttering” John Talks Howard Stern, Donald Trump, and His New Book | The Morning After

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Radio Personality, “Stuttering” John joins Gabe Morency and Michelle Serpico to talk about his time on the “Howard Stern Show”, calling the White House, and his new book “Easy for You to Say”.

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Basement declutter! (Memorabilia, Donald Duck, maps, travel books, magazines)

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