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C9 Scout, difference between prare and rare books.

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Difference between rare and prare books:
Flying shatter kick: rare does 2.1k% (400+400+400+400+500) and prare does an additional 400% hit, so prare does 2.5k% (with 1-2 extra explosive traps that have neglected damage)
Turn slash: rare does 5 hits 280% each so it does 1.4k%, prare does 8 hits(3 additional hits to rare)so it does 2240% dmg
Groundhouse: rare does 2700% dmg(900% per hit), prare does 2 additional hits that require lethargic mist (35 sec cd skill) to not be in cd, so prare does 4.5k% (not always since lethargic mist has to be ready to use)so you could say prare also does 2700% most of the time
Bursting touch: rare does 2 additional hits, so it does 513%x3=1539%, prare does additional 4 hits so it does 513%x5 which is 2565% dmg.
Sad when there’s almost no difference between rare and prare books, this sure needs a rework in my opinion. Only fine skill with prare book is blast ring which does max 7866% since it’s semi-impossible to get more than 18 hits in. Each hit does 437% and it does max 18 hits out of 24 and it has 12 sec cd.
Please. Fix. This.