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7-Year-Old Girl Dies of Dehydration in Border Patrol Custody

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–7-year-old Guatemalan girl Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin dies of dehydration while in Border Patrol custody after crossing the US-Mexico border with her father, who is seeking asylum
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Broadcast on December 17, 2018

Full Free Action/Drama – “Border Town” Free Maverick Movie

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In the five years since human traffickers kidnapped his daughter Vincent has traveled the world and left a bloody wake behind him. Now he has found the town where his daughter is being held and the pimp who’s keeping her. Over one night in Solo, Mexico Vincent is determined to fulfill the promise he made years ago; get his daughter back and kill the man who took her.

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By The Lake Books review – Used and collectible books on the Burlington/Oakville border

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A customer review of By The Lake Books on Lakeshore, at the edge of Burlington and Oakville, Ontario
Reviewed by Anthony Merizzi

I met Anna at By The Lake Books when I was looking for a good home for my downsizing book collection.

In her cheerful, matter-of-fact way, she assured me my books could have a new life through her store’s customers — and she even shared a neat trick for figuring out the BEST cookbooks, too!

Something tells me I’ll be building up my collection again, a little at a time…

Anthony Merizzi
Oakville-based pro writer & voracious reader


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