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Little Big Shots – She’s 5 and Has Read 2,000 Books! (Episode Highlight)

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Daliyah is only five and has read over 2,000 books! She shares her passion with Steve and reads “The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!” by Mo Willems.
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NBC’s hit series Little Big Shots returns with more talented and unique kids from all over the United States and the world. Steve Harvey hosts the feel-good, family-friendly series, and goes toe-to-toe with them in hilarious conversations and interviews.

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From Executive Producers Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres comes a variety series showcasing the nation’s most extraordinarily talented, quirky and fun kids. With Host Steve Harvey (“The Original Kings of Comedy,” “Family Feud”), viewers will be treated to never-before-seen acts, including everything from a soap-bubble artist, pint-sized aerialists, a golf prodigy and the world’s strongest kid, as well as remarkable young experts in astronomy, mathematics and archaeology. Adding to the fun will be kids who are incredibly gifted in music – ranging from pop to opera, country to classical, and on instruments that include the ukulele, drums, piano and more.

Little Big Shots – She’s 5 and Has Read 2,000 Books! (Episode Highlight)

Little Big Shots

Flea Market/Antique Mall Pickups Episode 14 – Books, Beer, and Sportflics

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Welcome to my fourteenth Flea Market/Antique Mall pickups video. This was filmed in September 2018. Join me as a I share with you some of my sports collectible and trading card finds while “hunting” for deals at various flea markets, swap meets, and antique malls.

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World’s best antique erotic collectibles art books

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Pino Collection presents

Four amazing books with World’s best antiques & vintage Erotic Collectibles from auctions & private collections

Watches & Clocks
Snuff Boxes, Smoking Pipes, Cigarette Cases, Matchbooks, Pipe Tampers
Walking Sticks & Canes
Toys & Games
Optics & Photographs
Paper, Prints & Comics
Ceramics & Porcelain
Automata & more…

More than 200 pages each volume, high quality paper, hundred color photos and accurate descriptions by Collectors Academy Editions.
Languages: English – Italian

These stunning books are available at:

Thank you!!

Thrift / Antique Haul!! Old photos, Clothes, Comic Books & More!

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Doris Kearns Goodwin graciously signing our collection of books (Oct ’18)

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As a big history buff, naturally, Mrs. Goodwin is one of my crushes. 🙂

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Cleaning Books

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Keep all your books clean and inviting for everyone in the family. Dust, mold, mildew, and mites can all be easily removed with a little attention to each book in your library. This video explains how you can clean your books.

In my home, books seem to generate spontaneously. We have hundreds of books, filling every bookshelf and many nooks and crannies throughout the house. Every once in a while we need to clean the books so that they don’t look—or, quite honestly, smell-dirty or uninviting.

You can clean books with the dusting brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You don’t even need to have it hooked up to the vacuum. Or, you can brush off the dust with a shaving brush or soft paintbrush. When brushing the edges of your books, make sure you go with the grain of the pages; that’ll stop any damage that might occur.

I keep all my books in the main section of my house. But if you keep your books in a damp room, such as a garage or basement, that can invite mold and mildew. If you see such pests appear in your library, wipe them off with a clean, soft cloth. If the pages are still moldy, wipe them with a cloth dampened with alcohol, then fan out the pages to dry.

Cleaning leather book bindings is a bit more intensive. Use saddle soap, neat’s-foot oil or petroleum jelly to both dust the bindings and condition the leather.

Sometimes books may become infected with book mites, in which case you’ll want to treat all the books and papers in the infected area. Now, that might even include some food wrappers or boxes nearby. To kill the mites, lay the books out on a flat pan in your oven and heat them to 135 degrees for three hours. That should take care of the problem.

With a little bit of attention, your library can be looking great in no time!

The Last 10 Books Tag

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Creator – Marc Nash

1. The last book you didn’t finish?
2. The last book you re-read?
3. The last book you bought?
4. The last book you said you read but didn’t?
5. The last book you wrote in the margins of?
6. The last book you had signed?
7. The last book you lost?
8. The last book you had to replace?
9. The last book you had an argument over?
10. The last book you couldn’t get hold of?

Fore Edge Books

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A fore-edge painting is a scene painted on the edges of the pages of a book. The painting is not visible when the book is closed. In order to view the painting, the leaves of the book must be fanned, exposing the edges of the pages and thereby the painting.

The books in this video are housed in Special Collections storage at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. They are part of our permanent collection.

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George J. Houle, Houle Rare Books & Autographs

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George Houle began selling books in high school as a way to fund his college tuition. It wasn’t until years later after he earned a degree in Library Sciences and worked for a number of public libraries in California that he began cataloging for Sotheby’s. George founded Houle Rare Books in 1976 and became a member of the ABAA in 1978.

Houle Rare Books & Autographs operates out of Los Angeles, CA, and specializes in First Editions, Historical Autographs, Literary Autographs, Performing Arts Autographs, Presidential Autographs, Vintage Photographs, Wide Range of Ephemera, and Zane Grey Rarities.