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1995 Big Red Car Best Children’s Album Won
1996 Wake Up Jeff! Best Children’s Album Won
1998 Toot Toot! Best Children’s Album Won
2000 It’s a Wiggly Wiggly World! Best Children’s Album Nominated
2001 Hoop-Dee-Doo! It’s a Wiggly Party Best Children’s Album Nominated
2002 Wiggly Safari Best Children’s Album Nominated
2003 Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! Best Children’s Album Nominated
Go to Sleep Jeff! Nominated
The Wiggles Outstanding Achievement Award Won
2004 Top of the Tots Best Children’s Album Nominated
2005 Live: Hot Potatoes Best Children’s Album Won
2006 Racing to the Rainbow Best Children’s Album Won
2007 Pop Go the Wiggles! Best Children’s Album Won
2008 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Best Children’s Album Won
2009 Go Bananas! Best Children’s Album Won
2010 Let’s Eat Best Children’s Album Won
2011 Ukulele Baby! Best Children’s Album Won
The Wiggles ARIA Hall of Fame Inducted
2012 Surfer Jeff Best Children’s Album Won
2013 Taking Off Best Children’s Album Nominated
2014 Apples & Bananas Best Children’s Album Won
2015 Rock & Roll Preschool Best Children’s Album Nominated SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/ZDKm2V ♡SUB4SUB♡►►

THE FLOOR IS LAVA at a Birthday Party!!

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The Floor is Lava at a Birthday Party!! REWIND. We had so much fun playing the floor is lava at Stephen’s birthday. He also got to open up some presents!

Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen, Taylor, Payton, Jordyn, Parker and Baby Blake.

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My PUSHEEN the Cat Collection | Birthday, Donut & more!

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This is an updated video of my Pusheen collection! In this video, I go through nine of my very favorite Pusheen stuffed animals. Which one is your favorite? Comment below.
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A look at nostalgia for Tito’s Yugoslavia in the Balkans on the late leader’s birthday

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Kumrovec, Croatia – 25 May 2013
1. Various of people singing and dancing, some dressed in World War II Communist guerrilla attire to mark the birthday of Yugoslavia’s late communist leader, Josip Broz Tito
2. Wide people holding communist banners, singing the Italian communist song “Bandiera Rossa,” or “Red flag”
3. Close up two women singing verses from “Bandiera Rossa” (Italian): “The red flag will triumph, long live communism and freedom”
4. Wide people gathering in front of the birthplace of Tito, AUDIO: “Bella Ciao,” an Italian World War II partisan song
5. Mid people arriving wearing partisan memorabilia
6. Wide people at the monument of Tito, chanting (Croatian) “Long live Tito”
7. Close of monument of Tito, AUDIO: Tito’s speeches
8. SOUNDBITE (Croatian) Drago Broz, a native of Kumrovec and distant relative of Tito:
“I remember Yugoslavia with love, because things were different. There was work, everyone had jobs.”
9. Close of Tito’s portrait on red T-shirt
10. Close Tito’s picture covered in flowers
Belgrade, Serbia – 25 May 2013
11. Wide people holding Yugoslav flag singing wartime song from World War II
12. Mid of man running with two relays, symbol of Tito’s youth
13. Wide people dressed in Yugoslav army uniforms on stage, next to Tito’s picture, AUDIO: “Bella Ciao” being played
14. Close Tito’s pictures, AUDIO: “Bella Ciao” being played
15. Wide people gathered in front of the Yugoslav History museum, where Tito’s gravestone is on display
16. SOUNDBITE (Serbian) vox pop, Malina Jelic, Belgrade citizen
“It would have been better if we all gathered together to play guitars instead of holding guns and shooting at each other. And this is why many of them complain today and want to bring back those times.”
17. Close Tito’s memorabilia on display, including still photo of Tito and his wife Jovanka Broz
18. Close sign of Museum of Yugoslav history
19. Mid of woman laying flowers at Tito’s grave
20. Close woman weeping at Tito’s grave
Sarajevo, Bosnia – 25 May 2013
21. Mid Tito monument, people waving Yugoslavian flag
22. Mid people singing patriotic Yugoslavian songs
23. Close man wearing partisan hat, holding banner with Tito’s picture
24. Wide young people laying flowers at Tito’s monument
25. Mid of people at Tito’s monument, including two young men in partisan uniforms
26. Wide ‘Tito’ bar, an old Yugoslav tank is in front of the bar
27. Mid people in the bar singing Yugoslav patriotic songs
28. Mid pictures of “LIFE” magazine with Tito covers
29. SOUNDBITE (Bosnian) vox pop, Sanin Camo, fan of Tito ++he is wearing Tito’s pioneer uniform++
“It is important that we have brotherhood and unity. We should spread love and not war.”
30. Close photos of Tito on the wall of the bar
Velenje, Slovenia – 24 May 2013
31. Mid of the biggest Tito monument, Slovenian flag, in the back
32. Wide man playing ball with daughter in front of Tito monument, the biggest in the Balkans
33. Close of Tito monument
34. SOUNDBITE (Serbian) vox pop, Vlado Nikolic, Velenje resident:
“(On the day that Tito died) I came home from work, saw the news on TV, and cried my eyes out, as if he were my own father. I cried more on that day than on the day that my father died.”
Ljubljana, Slovenia – 24 May 2013
35. Wide of room with Tito memorabilia at Grand Hotel Union Executive hotel
36. Mid of books on Tito on a shelf inside room
37. Wide of a wall with Tito’s portrait and various other items
38. Mid of Oto Skrbin, the hotel manager, inside room
39. SOUNDBITE: (Serbian) Oto Skrbin, Manager, Grand Hotel Union Executive:
Kumrovec, Croatia – 25 May 2013
40. Tito’s monument, Slovenian flag in the back
bustling capital of Ljubljana.
the case today.”

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Happy birthday Molls!! Sorry for being so late and lazy with this QwQ


Song: Cooking By The Book By Lazy Town Ft. Lil Jon (Mastgrr Remix)

Original By: Pikkle-khan(??)
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Inspired By: Muzy Frile



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Natural Sound

The husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth – the Duke of Edinburgh – celebrated his 75th birthday on Monday with a look back at his life.

The Duke toured an exhibition with the Queen which chronicles his 75 years.

A band played “Happy Birthday” as the royal couple walked through the town of Windsor, near London, where they were guests of honour at their only public engagement of the day.

The Queen and Prince Philip toured an exhibition celebrating the Prince’s whole life – staring from his childhood on the Greek island of Corfu, through his naval career, marriage to the then Princess Elizabeth and up to the present day.

Apart from photographs there was other royal memorabilia ranging from souvenir biscuit tins, books, newspaper cuttings and even his final school report from 1938.

It says: “Prince Philip has unusual courage and endurance. He gives painstaking and careful attention to details relevant to the main purpose of his enterprises and does not know what boredom is when intent on discharging his duties.”

As he left Windsor’s Guildhall, a large crowd sang “Happy Birthday To You” and a local supermarket manager handed him a bottle of whisky.

Prince Philip is spending the rest of his 75th birthday with other members of the royal members and will attend a working dinner in the evening.

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How to defeat a legend on his 65th birthday!

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Indian IM Krishna Teja completely outplays legendary Alexander Beliavsky

Alexander Beliavsky holds an amazing distinction of having beaten 9 undisputed World Champions in his chess career. All great names like Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and more.

Just two days ago Beliavsky turned 65 years old and on his birthday IM Krishna Teja outplayed him in great style giving the legendary grandmaster absolutely no chances. This happened in round four of the Sunway Sitges Chess Festival 2018. Rupali Mullick was present at the venue and she caught up Krishna Teja after the game.

Video: Rupali Mullick

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Living Books: Arthur’s Birthday – Blinkk

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Blinkk reviews Living Books: Arthur’s Birthday and READS way too deep into it. Get it? READS? BECAUSE IT’S A BOOK

Special Thanks to the following wonderful people!
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Birthday Book Haul Philippines 2018 || 35+ Books! || Filipino Booktuber

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hey guys! these are all the books that were given to me for my birthday and I’m very grateful for them! next vid will be the Booktube Newbie Tag and I was tagged by my friend jon from — check his channel! if you want to make me do booktags, let me know down below!

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Birthday Haul! Playmobil Cruise Ship, GIANT LOL Surprise Floor Pillow, Pikmi Jelly Dreams & more!

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Today Teagan is showing you her 9th Birthday Haul including Playmobil Cruise Ship (her favorite YouTube Series using this is by Cookie Swirl C), Pikmi Pop Jelly Dreams, Playmobil Kid’s Room, Num Noms, LOL Surprise Ultra Rare Pets, Bling, and Underwraps, Melissa & Doug, Uncle Milton, Usborn Books, LOL Surprise Floor Pillow, Kitty Headphones, and more! We also show you our favorite science book, KID ASTRONAUT by Laura Knight!
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