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RARE BOOKS and MUCH MORE —– liquidation sale for the holidays

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Just visit site and a collection of first editions, signed and scarce volumes, as well as art and unique collectibles shown here to same references in We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel. Among those included : The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Charles Darwin, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Joe Dimaggio, Buddy Holly, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, The Prophet, ELton John, Sex, Dictators, Presidents, Medicine, Salvador Dali, John F. Kennedy, Liberace, Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger, Prokofiev, Toscanini, Roy Campanella, James Dean, Chubby Checker, Fiedl Castro, New York Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Woodstock, and more. Check out more than 10,000 unique GIFT IDEAS and personal 24/7 service.


Unboxing – The Beatles Memorabilia Pack

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Buy pack here: *

So sorry about the low quality. But here is an unboxing video for The Beatles Memorabilia Pack I ordered from Amazon. Comes with replicas of a lot of Beatles merchandise from the 1960s. Just thought I would add after checking everything out I realized the backs of the cards created a picture when put together.

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The Pillow Fight: Behind Harry Benson’s Photo Of The Beatles | 100 Photos | TIME

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In his depiction of the Beatles’ playful romp at a Paris hotel, Harry Benson distills a magic moment: John, Paul, George and Ringo on the eve of incomparable stardom.
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The Pillow Fight: Behind Henry Benson’s Photo Of The Beatles | 100 Photos | TIME

The Beatles – Largest memorabilia collection in the World?

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My Father, Guenther Brown, is quite possibly the biggest Beatles fan alive. He has collected a compilation of rare and unique items that John, Paul, Ringo and George themselves would be in awe of. Each item costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. To top it off, he has also constructed a very detailed mini Lego concert set that includes everything from Beatles groupies to popcorn. Other than the Lego set, every detailed item is original and in great shape.
Watch and enjoy. Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment to make him feel proud!

Edit: He has added many more items to his collection and we will load a new video in time.

The Wiggles & Beatles Collecting Tips Thomas Tank Toy Story Trains Top Fan Prize Winner

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Collecting Beatles memorabilia can be costly, but The Wiggles toys are in my opinion perfect to collect and can be picked up for a few dollars. Thomas The Tank Toy Story major top fan prize is awarded along with a thank you prize of The Simpson’s Lego minifigure series to a YouTuber who assisted me in making a video about the $6 Lego minifigures at Target Australia.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s I was an keen Beatles toys and memorabilia collector. Sadly I had to stop collecting Beatles merchandise due to the rapidly rising costs of original pieces from the 1960’s. So maybe it’s time to find a new band to collect.

These days The Wiggles have re-written the children’s entertainment industry with new songs and a formula which made the band world famous and some of the best paid entertainers in the world. They are in fact a kids version of The Beatles. I do notice lots of The Wiggles toys and merchandise in charity shops and yard sales selling for very low prices, often going for a few dollars. The Wiggles toys are the perfect toys to toy hunt and collect right now as their real value is sure to increase in years to come. Like any toy collection the toys to find are the ones still in box and come from the early years of The Wiggles merchandise. The other fudge factor is will the Sam Moran (replacement for Greg Page Yellow Wiggle) be the really collectable later merchandise to collect. On a recent visit to The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney there was an excellent Wiggles exposition and a huge range of Wiggles toys.

Trains Machines Rockets Robots Fake Mars Rock Wiggles & Fun Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Seeing the Wiggles toys as a museum display rang collecting alarm bells in my head, and maybe The Wiggles is the perfect toy merchandise to start collecting. The toys I am picking up for $1 today will surely bring a far greater reward in years to come. Apart from that The Wiggles’s have a huge variety of interesting and colourful toys. Apart from toys & dolls there were many Wiggles branded foods, clothes, electrical goods, media, and games to collect.

Youtuber S3ISOR wins : Lego The Simpsons minifigures full set of 16, Pez limited edition set, Trash Wheels Junk Yard playset, 4 Trash Wheels series 2 surprise eggs and 1 Catapult Chicken.

Stories Of Earth WWIII

Youtube TrainsXtreme wins the major fan prise :
Three Thomas The Tank take n play toy trains as used in my video Thomas Toy Story.
2 Catapult Chickes, one signed by me, leokimvideo.
Bluebird Thomas and Friends train set.
Bullet Train key chain.
Super Mario Yoshi 3 Pack limited edition.
My Little Pony munchies.
Angry Birds Pez collection
Pez XXL Angry Birds Red Bird.
Nano Speed toy car playset.
Skylanders surprise toy easter egg gift pack.
2 Disney Planes candy gift packs.
Thomas and Friends Stuck on Stories.
Thomas & Friends My Busy Books.
Thomas and Friends classic book collection.
Smiggle surprise eggs.
Thomas & Friends Christmas chocolates.
Thomas and Friends Magic Ink book.
3 Deadly 60 brick toy playsets (Lego compatible).
3 Deadly 60 Micro Deadly figures.
Star Wars Top Trumps card game with Death Star.
Dr Who floating Tardis pen.
Thomas & Friends balaclava.
Thomas & Friends Dark Side bag (coal bunker fault).
Thomas and Friends Japanese market toy train set.
Dr Who Radio Controlled Dalek, The Supreme Dalek.

I will personally deliver TrainzXtreme’s top fan prize so I can thank him in person for his amazing support of my content on YouTube.

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Vintage Beatles Memorabilia

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Link to scrapbook video:

Today I am showing you my complete collection of Beatles memorabilia strictly from the 1960s. I do have lots of merchandise, but most of it is newer or reproductions. Hope you guys enjoy the video!! 🙂


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Yeah Yeah by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Beatles Collection For Sale (Part 24 of 24) DVDs Memorabilia Posters Collectables

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Various collectibles from The Beatles. MORE posters and fun stuff included!!! ice cream wrapper, & bag and alot of great BOOKS!
This entire collection is for sale. EVERYTHING in ALL 24 videos will be included (plus more) for $13,495.00
CONTACT: [email protected]

Lennon Legend by James Henke “Unboxing” Beatles John Lennon Memorabilia.

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Hello everyone. In this video I show this wonderful book that features Beatles and John Lennon memorabilia that can be taken from the book. Sorry for the bad quality of the video, my camera is really bad. Don’t forget to press the like button and leave a comment if you have one.