Tablet Cover Tutorial (Using an Old Book)

Tablet Cover Tutorial (Using an Old Book)

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Check out this easy and CHEAP way to protect your tablet! This Tablet Cover Tutorial shows you step by step how create a one of a kind cover.
Find step by step written directions here:

9 thoughts on “Tablet Cover Tutorial (Using an Old Book)”

  1. how hard would it be to add a snap flap to the outside so you can close it and the case stay closed?

    also I have seen three point cases where there's a clip near the spine with two corner things at the outside edge, would that be more secure than this?

  2. what happened to the pizza box in the middle of the video?  it transformed into a cereal box.  Thanks for this tutorial.  I will be looking for  an old slim book.

  3. Hi~ I just found your channel. Great job! I love putting DIY projects together and sharing them also. I am a new sub! Erica

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