44 thoughts on “Steve Jones reflects on his days with the Sex Pistols”

  1. This journalist speaks much more than the interviewee! Very boring!
    I hate this type of interview, where journalists feel much more important than the interviewee!

  2. This is your brain Kennedy
    This is your brain on propaganda

    Ha! love it Steve:" I don't like political.." yea, 'Anarchy In The UK'
    is such a sweet folk song.

  3. Kennedy was the archtype for the geek girl thing back in the day. She validated my desires to get many , many geek girls throughout the course of my life. Lonely Boy ia a great book. Its a cool pairing of the two.

  4. Kennedy was always annoying on MTV but since she's gone hardcore conservative she become really square and thinks she's a serious reporter now

  5. Maybe Lydon just doesn't give a f*ck about any similarities between Sid Vicious and Kurt Cobain.  I know I don't.  He's probably tired to death of talking about Sid Vicious (and doesn't want to repeat himself to some dim-wit) and probably doesn't acknowledge Kurt Cobain.  Lydon was one of the first punks, and he made it at a time when punk was controversial.  Why should he care about somebody that got famous 15 years later when punk rock was just a cliché for yuppies and about as controversial as "Old McDonald Had a Farm"?  Why don't we ask Peter Murphy how he feels about Marilyn Manson, a tired and cheesy 1990's copy of about 15 groups from the 1970's?

  6. Please ,save us from sentences like " we banged a lot of chicks"!If you were a construction/factory worker and bang a lot of chicks,means you needed some kind of conversation. Guys playing on a band don't bang chicks, bang baboons,sheeps, pigs or even lower such subhumans with vaginas between legs and dead brains.Give a monkey a guitar,I bet he will bang a lot of chicks too.

  7. Lydon was right to walk-off, Ritchie's death was personal for the group, they knew him while Cobain was another news item. Their deaths do not compare much: Ritchie was facing a murder charge, looking at 20 years to life and they had enough to convict. Ritchie also had the Pistols taken away from him when they disintegrated, hard hole to fill and all of them had trouble just after the breakup, Jones and Ritchie hit H, Ritchie a lot harder. All of them were young people exploited and abused by the adults, Ritchie's mom providing him with the lethal dose. Cobain was not facing 20 years of jail, had record companies on their knees begging him, was married and just had a kid, was pushing 30, Ritchie was 21.

  8. Ha Kennedy , can you raise your pits please?! Never mind ( the fuzzys ( from “this” GREAT thing to fox making you acknowledge a Russian collusion , because you KNOW THERE WASNT anything but a HILLARY COLLUSION!!!) BT W perhaps Lydon saw how people become used to the padded life .LOVE you swee-art!

  9. This lady is dumber than a sock full of dog shit. Johnny walked out on her because of this. She is so loud and abrasively annoying! Good lord almighty.

  10. Looks like Kennedy wants a couple sex pistols, slurp slurp, too bad Kennedy doesn't have a set of (34) cup sizes , she would look better with bigger tits

  11. Don't like the way she looks for an ally in Steve Jones like she wants him to have a bitch about him too, just to justify her opinion on him. Am glad he seemed to read that about her and wasn't drawn into it, (despite the fact it could jeopardise him having some of dat pussy after the show). If anybody knows John really well he does, and he probably understands why John walked out. Making comparisons with Nirvana was dumb, they weren't even in the same league as the Pistols, that's probably why he walked out and I can understand that.

  12. Used to REALLY love "The Jukebox". Not so much now.

    Who's slinging Trial Attorney Spots on the Radio?

    …least John shows his eyes in an interview.

    God bless.

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