Star Wars The Action Figure Archive Book Review

Star Wars The Action Figure Archive Book Review

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This is a closer look at the Star Wars Action Figure Archive Book which came out in 1999.

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26 thoughts on “Star Wars The Action Figure Archive Book Review”

  1. @starwarstopmotion What, all of the last fifteen figures or just Yak Face? It's normally the other way around with us Brits missing out on things that are available stateside.

  2. It's a great book. I've got the British hard cover edition. It's crazy to think that Yak Face is one of the most sought after figures as it was always one that people had been bought by a relative and wanted to expel from their collections. I can definitely remember swapping mine for a Stormtrooper even though I already had a few of them. Wish I hadn't now. I can also remember all of those last 15 figures being massively discounted by the stores as they tried to dump the no longer popular stock.

  3. Hey John

    Nien Numb is pronounced Nine Numb, they discovered in the production notes for Jedi a B Wing pilot from the same species call Ten Numb, so Nien Numb is 9 Numb.

  4. We really enjoyed this look at this awesome book! We have the book but watching this video was cool. It was like we were just hanging out with you and paging through the book with a really cool Star Wars fan!

  5. Have this book think its great for visual reference when aquiring vintage figures although it does leave you thinking that the 'power of the force' figures have all been working out and taking some kind of supplement! lol
    John as always the quality of your work can not be denied! Cheers LaughitupFuzzball70

  6. I have two copies of the book. Unfortunately, the cover tends to come apart from the book. I really hope they update this one eventually. A hardcover would be nice!

  7. As always, great review. I think i recognise having a couple of those figure as a kid. We must have lost them or given them away. A sandman and chewbacca i think.

  8. wow, can't imagine how much would it take to collect all that.
    awesome vid Gamester! — Sent From Gamester81's AppRats (Facebook App)!

  9. I saw a bunch of figurines the other day in a target and I couldn't believe how inaccurate some of the figures were, and how cruddy they came out. I think I like vintage better than the new things they are producing.

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