Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People

Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People

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Some musicians just have a freakish amount of talent. Most of us learn at a young age that we are not those people. For those who do have that talent go on to be the singer-songwriters, there’s something almost magical about listening to them perform. But it’s easy to forget that behind all of the music is a very ordinary person, and sometimes, that ordinary person is a terrible human being…

Johnny Cash’s women troubles | 0:25
Elvis’s flings | 1:28
Johnny Paycheck’s attempt | 2:28
Chuck Berry’s icky past | 3: 29
Brian Jones: anti-establishment and abusive | 4:45
Steven Tyler’s child girlfriend | 5:48
Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism | 6:51
Frank Sinatra’s destructive temper | 7:31

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32 thoughts on “Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People”

  1. I'm a singer-songwriter and I've been known to flush the toilet when a woman is in the shower. I've also served them warm domestic wine. One time I told a woman her ass made her pants look fat. Such cruelty.
    Iron American Dream on YouTube.

  2. Frank Sinatra only survived because he had a team of bodyguards who prevented his victims from retaliating. They gave the victim a fist full of cash to drop it. He was actually a pathetic little girly man.

  3. When people know that they got a great Talent they become narcissistic and think they can get away with Anything because other people are fans !!!

  4. Let's be clear violent family and cultural backgrounds, fame, drugs, alcohol, youth, and enormous pressure combine along with the false belief that you really can't be touched into a explosive combination where you can't control yourself and strike out at others. Most of these folks are NOT that secure to begin with. They are just one scandal, one bad record, one bad movie away from failure. Look at Gary Coleman. Famous one day, broke the next.

  5. These people are/were all confirmed horse's asses.  They are respected as MUSICIANS, and deservedly not as human beings.

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