*REAL OR FAKE?* YUGIOH $3001 LOB 1st Edition Booster Box Review / Mail Day Opening!

*REAL OR FAKE?* YUGIOH $3001 LOB 1st Edition Booster Box Review / Mail Day Opening!

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Hello Everyone,
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32 thoughts on “*REAL OR FAKE?* YUGIOH $3001 LOB 1st Edition Booster Box Review / Mail Day Opening!”

  1. It's a legit box. It's a 2nd print and those were never faked it was only the 1st print boxes so you're good. Crack it open and enjoy it

  2. Hey there jobber I’ve been watching your videos for about 5 years now and really enjoy your content. I was wondering if you would be interested in buying my collection! If so I can message you on Instagram or twitter if you want!

  3. Honestly if I had that lob 1st ed box I would hold onto it for as long as I could. But I would also definitely give in to temptation and open it

    Really dope product man, super happy you were able to get your hands on em!

  5. Back in the day, I opened a box I got at my local. They had gotten it elsewhere. Sucked because the people they got it from scaled the packs, and resealed it. I opened 24 rare cards, not a single holo

  6. looks legit in my opinion =/ I had quit a few in my hands, EU boxes are sealed a little bit different, same with OCG boxes. But you can always temper with it … I saw some crazy good packs that had been tempered with. You can´t always be 100% sure …

  7. Honestly, you shouldnt be a fool like all the other unboxers or openers on Youtube. Keep it sealed, unless you really want to finish your PSA collection and need some cards inside it. And the box should be real. 2nd print runs arent known for being counterfeit

  8. The box is definitely legit. Old boxes were sealed like this at the bottom. There are some fake LOB out there and one indicator is that the seal line at the bottom is horizontal instead of vertical. Those fake boxes are only first print and yours is a second print anyway. I would not open that box but you should be good opening the asian english one as those are not that valueable (they might catch on a bit, but honestly nobody is interested in asian englisch cards)

  9. Unfortunately it looks like it’s been tampered with or resealed. I can’t tell if it’s fake but the wrapping definitely isn’t done by Konami

  10. If you don't open them, it's an investment, plain and simple. If you do, you'd be the guy that did it. Also, if you do, get them all graded.

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