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These are rare Atari games worth money. You can easily find rare games at flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops, antique stores or even in your attic or garage! Your game collection could contain these valuable Atari games worth money! Be on the look out for the most expensive games worth a lot of money, including games that have sold for thousands of dollar on eBay! These are rare items you may have in your attic or garage.

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Welcome to Couch Collectibles formerly known as Couch Coins! I’ve collected rare coins, baseball cards, and many other rare collectible toys since I was a kid. I’m sharing this collecting experience with others through educational videos on YouTube. Come along and join me on this exciting journey by subscribing right now as we look at the most valuable toy collectibles and rare coins that you could find at yard sales, flea markets and garage sales!

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  1. Are you a person chest of the micro scope machine along time ago I’ve been waiting for it but now they’re saying they sent it back from the post office I don’t know why didn’t give me a reason neither but it never got my apartment so I could you please let me know what’s going on or I need a phone number or something

  2. Nope.. air-sea battle, vanguard, towering inferno, stampede, missile command, super football, football-realsports soccer, canyon bomber, space cavern, winter games and Phoenix. Dang.

  3. Will definitely need to check. Think A POSSIBLE have gauntlet, Alantis 2 and air raid and then last one seems may have. Going to have sale and hate think might've left

  4. Is Atari 2600 game ET worth anything? After all the company buried the game due to poor sales. Then years later found some et wrapper as evidence. In an Arizona land fill some 20-30 years later?

  5. I seem to be coming up on dead ends. I've been trying to locate a game for the 2600 called Daniel the Adventurer. I know it exists but haven't seen ANYTHING on it.

  6. You're showing a lot of reproduction labels in your vid, which is misleading to say the least.
    Better show the genuine versions next time.
    You can find them at the Atarimania database.

  7. what's up bro yeah I never got my shout out !! and I was on your channel when you were in the hundreds my boy.. and I'm stuck in not even 200 I know consistency is key right keep it moving right but I'm not really good with this stuff man. but yeah can you do a a big favor and send some people my way I really appreciate it bro I really appreciate it.. come check out the channel and see if you could help me out a little LOL I mean a lot haha I know about all the colors and all that stuff I just don't know about computers I'm good at marketing and promoting and DJing and I really even know how to come up with something from my page..

  8. I was never really a gamer as a kid. However later on in life I got sucked into GameBoy Advanced. I have 6 of them lol. But I was shocked to see how much they sell for.

  9. awesome video bud good job. I used to have one of those Atari machines and my family had gotten me one when it came out. I miss being a kid lol

  10. I know a women who collects child support from 8 different guys. Good money. She finds a check in her mailbox all the time!!

  11. shoutout please…awesome channel. I used to hold on to things I found that I liked when I was a kid. well, now I collect, mostly gaming, I've found some awesome treasures without knowing. I just started on coins which has always fascinated me since I was a kid..I do collect some figures and diecast cars as well..

  12. Good job! Been watching you forever!It was because of your knowledge with coins,that I became a collector.Then when u announced during your trip to California(did u enjoy it?)and annouced u were moving into collectibles.I thought great I had kept my kids sport cards,maybe it would pay off,we'll see. But this video UGH! I had kept my husbands Atari,but decided last year to sell it in a garage sale!! Ouch…oh well…shout out please.lol

  13. man I remember those games defender, asteriods,pole position,pac man Jeez,im getting old don't forget the turbo grafix 16 …lol

  14. I never had an Atari, we had intellivision, it was pretty cool but my mom threw it out when I moved out…I was bummed.

  15. man when Atari came out in the early 70s my friends and I thought we were in heaven! we used to play Pong for hours! I remember tapes like pac man, space Invaders, etc going from 40 to 60 dollars back then. that was a lot of money for the time. used to beg my mom for a new game every week! where the hell did the time go! Dave from Maine.

  16. ONE OF A KIND CHANNEL . ALSO A RARE CHANGE IN YOUTUBE CHANNELS . DONT KNOW THAT ANYONE HAS DONE THIS . I WANT A SHOUT OUT . I AM SELLING MY COINS ON EBAY UNDER rolltidefalcon . i have bout 8 or 10 items please check them out . i will be posting more items everyday.when ya give me a shout out let us know where yiu are feom and call me by rolltidefalcon80.

  17. That's cool as I remember playing the Atari when I was younger ha lol showing my age love your new name and that's a cool as video on old games great resurch

  18. I think you should have made it "Couch Coins (and collectibles)" or just left it "Couch Coins". I thought the double meaning thing with the couch coins name was pretty cool. Just my two cents. The content is what's important anyway. Nice video!

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