Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken

Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken

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The Longest-running Las Vegas act in history, Penn & Teller, impresses Jimmy and the Tonight Show audience with a vanishing chicken and a lot of misdirection.

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Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken

43 thoughts on “Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken”

  1. Penn and Teller you should give James Randi a prize for the longest lasting Vaudeville act in history. He has you believing that psychics do not exist with his act. This open letter to James Randi will explain it : A message to the The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge promoter James Randi you still owe me, Robert Lindblad, $10,000 from when I beat you at your contest called PUT UP OR SHUT UP in 1992 …. and you never put up the $10,000 you promised or shut up about your outright lie that psychics don't exist you then even raised the prize to a million and changed the name of the challenge after I won your challenge and being a magician you magically decided to hide that truth from everyone pretty easy to do when you choose what to tell people and not what to tell people … as a magician your profession is to hide the truth and you have done so very well too bad you incorporated the outright lie that psychics do not exist in your act. And when you state that police have never mentioned that a psychic has ever solved a missing childs' case you know why … it is because police never mention their informants whether that person is psychic or not however like a deceptive magician you leave that fact out of your statement… if you just stated that some psychics are fake but not all and I want to weed out the fakers you would sound better and it would make a lot more sense. Just visit my website where their are news articles and investigative documentary concerning my work that prove it.
    You believe in James Randi professing that psychics do not exist. You have read his books and listened to him speak however he has created a very narrow point of view from which to view the subject he has created that psychics do not exist. So it being that you believe absolutely in what he is saying you know as an educated observer that evidence that is proven through investigation of a subject is undeniable.
    Here is undeniable proof documented by investigative journalists:
    The articles of Le Journal de Montreal 31-05-98 & 01-06-98 on my site are certifiably acceptable in a court of law as evidence. In the article of Le Journal de Montreal 31-05-98 I stated to the mother Saturday morning over the phone within two minutes of her call that her son who had been missing for near a month and a half had accidentaly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was. The next day they found his corpse floating in the body of water which I had pointed out to the mother the day before and this was printed in the Le Journal de Montreal of 01-06-98. When the mother called me she had asked if I heard of her sons' case. I said "No but I can help." She then filled me in on the details that he had been missing for near a month and a half and that police with hundreds of volunteers, divers, searh dogs, and helicopters had been searching daily since the day he went missing with no results as to what happened to him, whether he was living or dead, and his whereabouts. Within two minutes I told her that her son had accidentaly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was and the next day they found his corpse floating in the body of water I had pointed out to the mother.
    Their is also another news article providing undeniable evidence concerning a dog I found in Lake Oswego, Oregon from here in Montreal.


    James Randi founded CSICOP so that he could expand his cash influx and add some strength to his illusion even while off stage. Once again the evidence is clear in the investigative reports by J.E. and The Journal de Montreal who are investigators out to bust fraud artists, the S.O.S. investigative documentary I was on in Japan , and the news articles concerning the missing dog I found in Lake Oswego , Oregon in real time over the phone from here in Montreal were done by professional investigative reporters not people who were there to make friends or money. James Randi is not a professional investigator he is a magician who has made a very financialy healthy career out of telling people that psychics do not exist… and being a magician he gives himself the right to hide the truth as hiding the truth is integral to magicianship and since he is making a very healthy profit off his act – the act of stating that psychics do not exist – so it is all part of magicianship and part of his act and he is fine with that.
    James Randis' Million Dollar Challenge is nothing more than a vaudeville act that keeps you focused on him making you ignore evidence provided by investigative journalists whos' job is to bust fraud artists, evidence provided by parents of missing children, and evidence provided by owners of missing pets from all over the world over that of an illusionist who has made a very financially profitable corporate enterprise out of the illusion he has created that of telling people that psychics do not exist.
    … here is a song for all James Randi followers provided directly by Murray Head

  2. I watched this act in vegas. Gotta catch these guys if you're in vegas. Go an hour early and watch Penn slap some bass with Mike Jones. And

  3. How did no one notice the purple drop back disappear after she "appeared" in the cage… That kinda gives away the whole trick, yet no one seemed to notice…

  4. Easy. The cage has a purple back at the beginning and then it's gone. Clearly there were two gorillas, one hiding in the cage the whole time. Very underwhelming.

  5. There is a blue screen put inside the box already…behind that person already was inside…teller came and he took went the chicken…but the person wearing gorilla costume was already inside…you can see at last there is no blue screen behind and box is empty whole…yeah!! Pen and teller dint fool us…they are going back with bare hand..ha ha ha …but nice one

  6. It’s a simple trick. The box fits them both. The chicken required very little space in the front. Gorilla hiding in the back with a red cloth in front as a facade.

  7. The actual trick is stupidly simple once you figure it out (false back on the cage hiding the woman in the gorilla costume), but it's Penn and Teller's stage presence, charisma, and showmanship that turn it into magic.

  8. The only thing that Penn and Teller really told you here is that blondes first show themselves as nice chicks and when the show is over and you uncover the truth, you'll end up with a gorilla.

  9. Easy. There is a purple backdrop when the chicken is first shown. Teller then removes the chicken when an extra in a gorilla costume enters the stage banging cymbals. When it is revealed that the gorilla is in the cage there is no purple backdrop signifying that the lady in the gorilla costume was behind the chicken the whole time. The backdrop was removed when Penn pulled the cover off the enclosure. There were two people in identical costumes the whole time, the woman in the costume didn't even have cymbals which further pushes the notion of a misdirection-misdirection, because she probably didn't have enough space while folded up to also emerge with the cymbals the other extra had.

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