PCOS: Which Diet Is BEST? (Fertility Clinics Don’t Always Tell You)

PCOS: Which Diet Is BEST? (Fertility Clinics Don’t Always Tell You)

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PCOS is one of many conditions which used to be very rare, but is now far too common. Do we just chalk this up to bad luck, or genetics? Some doctors do, and some don’t.

PCOS can be very disabling and depressing, if there were things one could do to improve the symptoms, or even reverse the condition, shouldn’t we all know about it?

Turns out PCOS is very closely related to Metabolic Syndrome, Depression, Fatty Liver and elevated Triglycerides. It makes good sense to think that whatever could improve those conditions could also improve PCOS.

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46 thoughts on “PCOS: Which Diet Is BEST? (Fertility Clinics Don’t Always Tell You)”

  1. So I have PCOS and did keto for 6 months and now I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I've never taken any medication or birth control and had PCOS since I was 17. My cycles started to slow down the older I got and the more weight I gained. I did keto, lost about 40lbs, gained my cycles back, and and now that I'm pregnant, I was wondering if conceiving naturally decreases the risk of miscarriage. I won't get my hormone levels checked until I'm 9 weeks.

  2. I have endometriosis and pcos, its definitely genetic in my case but i guarantee my diet did not help bc i went plan based for a year and it helped reduce my inflammation by leaps and bounds.. but im interested in looking into keto (except no red meats for me)

  3. I of course have PCOS and have done WW for years….now that I’m 33 and done having children (blessed with 2) I don’t feel I’m doing well with WW any longer. I know I need to do Keto, been toying with it for over a year now…..my question is do you recommend eating some sort of carb before working out? You hear everyone saying carbs are good you need carbs so I’m curious to hear what you think about that and exercise. Thanks!

  4. You don't "contract" PCOS; you're born with the genetic foundation and need an environmental trigger for it to manifest, whether it be puberty, pregnant, BCP, or trauma (physical, emotional). There's no controlling that. You can treat it, put it into remission, but you can't stop someone from "contracting" it. (Symptoms since age 9, diagnosed at 31 and researching for 19 years).

  5. PLEASE HELP ME! I want to disaappear ive lost sooo much hair and after so many tests years not knowing why until now, I have PCOs!I have lost 75% of my hair more on top like a man.PLEASE ANYONE IM SO DESPERATE. IM CRYING AS I WRITE THIS

  6. I have PCOS and was told I'd never get pregnant. I went low carb, lost 50lbs and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

  7. I’m on Keto. I lost weight 10lbs in one week including kickboxing. I am not heavy set either. However I did gain some weight compared to before. I was not able to lose any weight until Keto. As for PCOS I will check next year. I was diagnosed this year. I was told to get off metformin by my doctor who is a top fertility doctor in Beverly Hills. He did inform me that pcos women have a high risk of cancer and it would be best to stay on birth control until I decided to try to get pregnant. He did an ultrasound and found some cysts and one tiny tiny fibroid. No blocked tubes. I was once pregnant so I could try again and should conceive. However he also did say that my eggs are agin since I am 35. I say this to women who are not teenagers. If you have gain weight on your stomach painful periods and acne. Those are signs of pcos. They can not diagnose unless you check off three of the symptoms. I always have had a period but I never kept track of how many days. I did noticed that my period did come sooner on the second week so not sure if that is my body and hormones stabilizing again.

  8. Thanks for posting this. I have PCOS. Ive been on keto 8 months, lost 75 lbs, and almost all my symptoms are gone 🙂

  9. I have PCOS and have had issues since day one with menstruation. After being on keto for THREE months, I had my first unassisted (not on the pill) 28 day cycle. Ever. Facial hair is almost gone. Acne is almost gone. Rough skin is gone. And I've lost nearly 20 lbs.

  10. I was just diagnosed with pcos and insulin resistance in june :/ i knew all along something was up..was checked before 3 times and each time I was told I was fine..I kept gaining alot of unexplainable weight, wouldn't get my period for 6 months and I had painful periods so I knew something wasn't right..finally got in to see a Gyno and was diagnosed ..starting keto!

  11. How long can you stay on this diet? I keep hearing about the “Keto flu” when your electrolytes are out of wack and your dehydrated.

  12. So I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago by my doctor who was super flippant about it and she never gave me details or explained or even did tests to confirm. I've been floundering so thank you for this video. My doctor has also put me on levothyroxine and metformin what are your opinions on those medicines?

  13. I'm really not sure I have pcos or maybe I have a strange variety of it. I am diagnosed with pcos but I've never been overweight, my period always comes on time (as long as I'm not underweight), I don't have diabetes, I ovulate, my triglycerides are fine, and I have no symptoms besides being really hairy, which I've been since I was 4 years old, and I have some follicles on my ovaries which come and go. I also tried a vegetarian ketogenic diet under the instruction of a dietician and it made me go from 125 pounds to 90 pounds in one year, not menstruat for the first time since I had a period, be really depressed, have bad skin, and suffer from digestion problems. After that, I went vegan and didn't count carbs or anything and since then my systems went back to normal. How can it be that I have pcos but nearly no symptoms and I also react very poorly to high fat diets?

  14. Dr. I have learned that any animal products and any dairy is very bad for pcos but in same time I believe In what you said in this video so would you explain to me please. Thank you

  15. Thank you for the excellent video! I have PCOS and keto has worked wonders for me. It’s unfortunate that dietitians don’t seem to know about this. I was following one dietitian on social media last year who claimed to be an expert in PCOS, but she advised against cutting carbs. She said dieting leads to eating disorders and cutting carbs leads to feeling deprived and binging. When I told her my Keto success story and that keto is different, she said it’s still a diet and diets don’t work for most people. I gave up trying to change her mind and stopped following her because I don’t need to be discouraged from the “diet” that clearly works. I think it’s sad though, that a dietitian doesn’t know as much about diet as some doctors, like yourself. Okay, had to get that off my chest.

  16. I have PCOS and gaining weight so fast it’s ridiculous.
    I’m looking for a healthy lifestyle and considering Keto.
    Is this good long term?
    I know most people talk about switching to burn fat from ketones and not glucose but doesn’t our brain feed off glucose primarily or no?
    I need to do more research for sure.

  17. Dr Berry I appreciate this video.♡ I have been struggling with PCOS for YEARS and you have helped me with my keto journey and I'm already down 30pounds in 6 weeks.

  18. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21. By the time I was 28 i was in full blown metabolic syndrome. I did suffer many yrs of infertility but did eventually have 3 kids . I'm 48 now and still suffer with the curse of metabolic syndrome. Just in the past month i actually discovered this keto lifestyle. Only been doing it for 2 weeks. Still no weight loss. Going next week to have a thyroid panel done. Im feeling desperate for help.

  19. Thank you for these videos I have watched them all day. You helped me understand why I dont need milk which is a big thing for me. I grew up on a farm so milk was always available. My question is about breastfeeding while doing a keto lifestyle? I am currently breastfeeding my son and would like to start this diet but am worried about my supply and other things. Do you have any videos on that topic?

  20. U said these three symptoms. Yet didn’t list three symptoms. Repeated dysmenorrhea. What are the other two? Is this video applicable to amhenorhhea. (And I mean had but then stopped) idk. I know that u know more than I do…but say three explain three please.

  21. Hi I am new to this lifestyle and I’m a little confused to know how many grams of carbs I should be eating a day. I have PCOS and your videos have inspired me to start. I’m only on day 4 but have to start somewhere! Can you help me figure that out?

  22. Dr. Berry, could you do a video on the "fat fast". What is that, and is it a good thing to do? If so, when is it indicated?

  23. Would love to see you do a video on MCT oil as a ketones supplement. I just started watching your videos, so you may have already done one and I have just now come across it yet.

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