24 thoughts on “John Solomon Breaks down the Crisis at the Border”

  1. Joe McCarthy did nothing wrong. Name a single institution that he claimed was infested with communists that wasn't. I'll wait.

  2. Throwing out more facts is useless. Reps controlled the House for EIGHT YEARS and the Senate for FOUR. They controlled both for FOUR years with a Rep president during the last two. They had ample time to create and then pass law(s) fixing our immigration system and fully funding the wall and border security.

    When bills were submitted to do this, Reps didn't push any out of committee which they controlled. The Senate loves to bring up their 60-vote cloture rule as an excuse for not doing anything. Well, that was modified to confirm judges. They could have done the same with the border.

    The red wave Reps enjoyed under Obama had nothing to do with their policies. It was to punish the Dems. Swing voters who made that happen hoped maybe this time the Reps would govern. Nope….they're useless except for Trump. Sadly, the Rep base would rather act just like Dems personally attacking them and not strategizing on finding and helping competitive candidates to replace all the obstructionists.

    In 2020, be prepared for the Senate and the presidency to flip back to blue. At this point, it's far better to let the Dems implode our country. Seems like nothing will get people out their stupor and petty partisan fights except to suffer harsh pain and violence first hand. Venezuela here we come!

  3. Every time I fly I have to prove who I am, where I'm going and my belongings are searched….AND I"M A CITIZEN! but the democrats think it's okay to let people enter MY country without any consequences….FUCK THE DEMOCRATS

  4. I just wish John S and Sarah C. COULD FINISH ONE Sentence without Hannity interrupting so he can parrot ( repeat) himself with the same old, same old Hannity talking points.

  5. My family has been thru all kinds of atrocities from " undocumented " ppl South of the boarder, we're lucky to still be here! Please POTUS Republicans don't give in. Build the wall MAGA.

  6. the democrat's are trying to replace Americans for cheap labor for their rich business friends and votes , that is why they are fighting for them and not Americans

  7. It's over
    "Incoming Senate Judiciary Chair Graham After Meeting with
    AG Nominee Barr: ‘Bill Barr Has a Very High Opinion of Mueller’
    Cristina Laila
    January 9, 2019, 12:24 pm

  8. Here you all go- read and weep "Mueller and Bill Barr ‘Best Friends For 20 years’ –
     Wives Share a Bible Study – Mueller Attended the Weddings of Barr’s Daughters

    January 9, 2019, 3:10 pm by Cristina Laila" America is over as we knew it

  9. I agree with John Solemn. Congress was not forceful enough with Rosenstein. Another one gets away with no punishment but a huge retirement for being a criminal!

  10. These TRAITORS POLOSI/ SCHUMER and outhers must be arrested, and charged for TREASON.??? Because they all took outh of office and they all voted for the wall just a couple years ago.

  11. Now that the Dems are unwilling to negotiate, President Trump HAS TO declare an emergency just so he can end the shut down.

  12. Unfortunately, the new AG, Barr's wife is good friends with Mueller's wife, same church club, or something, You can't make this stuff up.

  13. GoFundMeWall, 330K donated @19.8mil in 23 days and growing (1)Dollar = (1)Vote in support for the Border Wall to send a message to DC lawmakers.

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