Jaime Lannister: his Fever Dream in the Books (it's important)

Jaime Lannister: his Fever Dream in the Books (it’s important)

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This video is a narration of Jaime Lannister’s legendary Fever Dream (Weirwood Vision), which only occurs in the books – “A Storm of Swords” from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”

Soon, we will revisit Jaime’s Fever Dream, since I see new things, and see some things differently than the first time we looked at it.

This video will lead into an analysis that may impact Game of Thrones Season 8 theories and Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions.

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44 thoughts on “Jaime Lannister: his Fever Dream in the Books (it’s important)”

  1. Someone brought up a dream that Cersei had where she was raped by Tyrion. Do you think there's any chance of this? Also, everyone talks about Jaime's dream but very little about Cersei. Why do you think this is?

  2. I had a dream, which was not all a dream. 
    The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars 
    Did wander darkling in the eternal space, 
    Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth 
    Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air; 
    Morn came and went and came, and brought no day, 
    And men forgot their passions in the dread 
    Of this their desolation; and all hearts 
    Were chilled into a selfish prayer for light: 
    And they did live by watch fires and the thrones, 
    The palaces of crowned kings the huts, 
    The habitations of all things which dwell, 
    Were burnt for beacons; cities were consumed, 
    And men were gathered round their blazing homes 
    To look once more into each other's face; 
    Happy were those who dwelt within the eye 
    Of the volcanos, and their mountain torch: 
    A fearful hope was all the world contained; 
    Forests were set on fire but hour by hour 
    They fell and faded and the crackling trunks 
    Extinguished with a crash and all was black. 
    The brows of men by the despairing light 
    Wore an unearthly aspect, as by fits 
    The flashes fell upon them; some lay down 
    And hid their eyes and wept; and some did rest 
    Their chins upon their clenched hands, and smiled; 
    And others hurried to and fro, and fed 
    Their funeral piles with fuel, and looked up 
    With mad disquietude on the dull sky, 
    The pall of a past world; and then again 
    With curses cast them down upon the dust, 
    And gnashed their teeth and howled: the wild birds shrieked 
    And, terrified, did flutter on the ground, 
    And flap their useless wings; the wildest brutes 
    Came tame and tremulous; and vipers crawled 
    And twined themselves among the multitude, 
    Hissing, but stingless they were slain for food. 
    And War, which for a moment was no more, 
    Did glut himself again: a meal was bought 
    With blood, and each sate sullenly apart 
    Gorging himself in gloom: no love was left; 
    All earth was but one thought and that was death 
    Immediate and inglorious; and the pang 
    Of famine fed upon all entrails, men 
    Died, and their bones were tombless as their flesh; 
    The meagre by the meagre were devoured, 
    Even dogs assailed their masters, all save one, 
    And he was faithful to a corse, and kept 
    The birds and beasts and famished men at bay, 
    Till hunger clung them, or the dropping dead 
    Lured their lank jaws; himself sought out no food, 
    But with a piteous and perpetual moan, 
    And a quick desolate cry, licking the hand 
    Which answered not with a caress, he died. 
    The crowd was famished by degrees; but two 
    Of an enormous city did survive, 
    And they were enemies: they met beside 
    The dying embers of an altar-place 
    Where had been heaped a mass of holy things 
    For an unholy usage; they raked up, 
    And shivering scraped with their cold skeleton hands 
    The feeble ashes, and their feeble breath 
    Blew for a little life, and made a flame 
    Which was a mockery; then they lifted up 
    Their eyes as it grew lighter, and beheld 
    Each other's aspects, saw, and shrieked, and died
    Even of their mutual hideousness they died, 
    Unknowing who he was upon whose brow 
    Famine had written Fiend. The world was void, 
    The populous and the powerful was a lump, 
    Seasonless, herbless, treeless, manless, lifeless. 
    A lump of death, a chaos of hard clay. 
    The rivers, lakes and ocean all stood still, 
    And nothing stirred within their silent depths; 
    Ships sailorless lay rotting on the sea, 
    And their masts fell down piecemeal: as they dropped 
    They slept on the abyss without a surge.
    The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave, 
    The moon, their mistress, had expired before; 
    The winds were withered in the stagnant air, 
    And the clouds perished; Darkness had no need 
    Of aid from them. She was the Universe.
    Lord Byron
    This is why Jaime will survive, definitely in the books.

  3. I just got "The World of Ice and Fire" and I noticed the prologue facing page says "To …. Joffrey" but then Joffrey is erased and replaced with Tommen. This means it was penned by the maester in the time of Joffrey's reign so doesn't that make its accounts suspect and prone to error?
    Just a thought. Couldn't find a more appropriate place to pose the question.

  4. love these, so much foreshadowing as I watch the first season…….. As Cersi says punish her and he says should I flog her in the streets and how Jamie says he would rather die than be a cripple.
    One last thing I noticed.
    Bran awoke the very moment Lady was killed by Ned Stark. Was he hiding inside her while he healed?

  5. Anyone think that maybe jaime lannister died in the arms of the woman he loved(figuratively) when his daughter died? Now he is headed north as a "cripple, bastard, and broken thing",his hand, his father the mad king, and a broken heart?

  6. oh, i just thought of something that many if not all fans looked pasted, in season seven Jaime said, "Who ever killed house Frey is no friend of ours." Well we all know, it's our friendly neighborhood Arya… and if Jaime is coming to Winterfell, well do you think he will find out it was Arya's doing, and if so how do you think he will react?

  7. +bridge4 Jaime's sword's fire is gone but Brienne's is not. Catelyn Stark asked Brienne to bring Jaime in the books. Maybe this is foreshadowing for Brienne's treason to Jaime. And kingsguards symbolizing Catelyn to judge Jaime

  8. To bridge4 and the bridge forward crew, Happy Holidays. I hope everyone has a positive and goal achieving New Year. Thanks Kevmund for all these great videos and comments. Thanks Friend

  9. Alright Jaime since no one else will do it, I will make you that long dagger hand some one should have made a couple books and seasons ago. I'm sorry I'm a stone smith and not a black smith so it will be made of engineered quartz. Good luck Ser. I'm hoping the show changing Ser Arthur from a two handed sword wielder to a dual wielder might be some foreshadowing to Ser Jaime using his long dagger hand and a long sword in his left. but I'm sure it was just cooler and easier to believe a dual wielder fighting several people with two swords and not one big sword. I don't think it was a "hand" he felt, I think hand meant sword, he felt a sword in his hand an extension of his hand. As a swordsman. I hope that might tell of him getting some kind of blade hand but I doubt it, not in the books anyway. I'm sure I'm also off base when I say he was in the crypts at Winterfell in his dream. I also like the line, "their hands were spears." I do like the line, "felt better than sex" but thats only cause the way Kev said it ; ) And no I @bridge4 I didn't miss the line, "And the children, them as well."

  10. i've got a question right, in season 3 there is an episode called kissed by fire, where ygritte says she's kissed by fire. after rewatching the episode i honestly think that that must mean something, but i have no clue what it would mean. you got any theories on that?

  11. Mate…. I'm completely drawn in by your narrating!!!
    You honestly have a perfect to be and timing for this!!!
    So … do you think this is any kind of foreshadowing for season 8 ??? Do you think the burning sword us a different take on Nissa Nissa ??
    Can't wait for season 8 … much love to all GoT fans and your good self x

  12. Ser Kev, the animation you made for the book text made me more convinced this Jaime dream is part of GRRM's set up for a Jaime & Brienne-Stoneheart face off in the novels. Your visual narration of the dream setting reminded me of the cave system under the Brotherhood's Hollow Hill as told by Brienne from her last pov.

     I believe the dream focused on Jaime's 'love-hate relationship' with the oaths he'd made. Solving this inner conflict could be crucial for Jaime's redemption. The dream chastised him for betraying his Kingsguard oath and it subconsciously influences him to honor his other oaths.. particularly those him & Brienne made to Cat (2 swords from Ice represents the Stark sisters). As foreshadowed by Bran's coma visions from AGoT as well, Jaime would definitely play an important role in Arya & Sansa's fates. Without using Jaime's fever dreams.. seems the show is moving towards this happening too with Jaime heading North and that last scene of him riding away from KL looking so visually in sync w/ that homecoming Arya scene, astride a horse looking ahead towards Winterfell (a hint their two paths are connected).

    The most interesting part of this dream for me is that.. aside from the fact Jaime dreamed it whilst sleeping on a stump of weirwood, it's too filled with elements associated with the northern 'gods' (snow, cold, darkness, ghosts, shadows, mists, 'pale', silence..).. it's no denying it was 'them' who conjured it. I wonder what 'they' want to accomplish by helping, warning, influencing Jaime to honor his oath to return the Stark girls. Maybe they just want the Starks back at Winterfell; or they want the swords made from Ice in safe hands again, used in service of the Starks; or maybe they want Stoneheart to rest in peace? (One theme prominent in Cat's story is her constantly 'waiting' on someone.. during her last days as human, she was eagerly waiting for Brienne to come back w/ her girls. Maybe if Stoneheart is assured her girls made it home safe, she'll want to r.i.p. like Beric did too?) Right now, I'm leaning more towards my 3rd assumption.. well Stoneheart like Beric is essentially a walking propaganda for Fire magic, proof of LoL's power & intended to attract human following for Lol's cause.. I can imagine the 'ice camp' would want her gone. This also might be a reason why the show didn't use this dream, the character Stoneheart doesn't exist in the show adaptation, so the fever dream wasn't necessary. lol, sorry I'm blabbering away here  @[email protected]

    Thanks for making these vids Ser. I may not agree with some of your theories, but I sure appreciate how thoroughly you research your stuff and the way you present them. They're always thought provoking & fun to watch at the same time. You're probably the best at GoT theory crafting I've seen. Thanks again. Merry Christmas! and have a Happy New Year!

  13. [Didn't read any comments before commenting…] Is this supposed to begin like midway through a sentence?? Mine starts, "By evenfall…" It just sounds like I missed something lol.

  14. Marwyn kyburn and the goat magi that was burnt for the dragons to be burnt all knew each other. Marwyn has a lit glass candle and that masked woman warns Daenerys talks about glass candles burning. Daenerys also talks about stars when she describes the masked woman. They are all related to the shadow lands in the Far East (I forget the names) there’s also some starry cult over there. When Jamie awakens he mentions starry and kyburn looking down on him… the dragon eggs came from there too

  15. Such a very sad dream for Jaime. I always feel sorrow while reading his dream. Jaime is the loneliest man in the world and sometimes his child like need for love breaks my heart. He has Tyrion, which I hope he sees more clearly in season 8, and he has Brienne, who has showed him more kindness and love than his sister ever did. I truly hope that Jaime finally understands and embraces love this next season. He may/probably will die, but I do want him to finally see with his own eyes and heart, what love really is and that he has that love from two people at the very least.

  16. I’m well acquainted with just about everyone who does ASOIAF videos. Yours are, by far, my favorite. Your content is exceptional! Your voice is perfectly suited as well.

  17. Jaime Lannister's fever dream is the drive that started Jaime's redemption arc. But the only problem I am having is what about Lady stoneheart.

  18. Just a random thought …GRRM (what a genius, I am in awe of him) does love to foreshadow; could this dream possibly foreshadow Jaime's imminent confrontation with the undead Catelyn Stark?. It definitely foreshadows Brienne's confrontation with the bear in the pit

  19. Wouldn't it be something if they filmed this for Jaime's journey up to The North? Meaning he gets off his horse to camp for a night and while he sleeps he has this Fever Dream?

  20. Both swords had a pale blue light. Since both swords were forged from ice, that has to reference them. The riders, makes Jamie think of Ned Stark but maybe that's half right. Maybe it's Jon Snow and Daenerys or Rhaegar and Layanna or all four of them. His brothers, reminds me of something Ned told Jaime. When Jaime told Ned about the wildfire. Ned said, you watched him burn my father and brother but now you act. A good act doesn't erase the bad or bad erase the good. If breaking the vow to saved the city was good, then why did you watch him burn innocent people before. If your vow held then, then it should hold now.

  21. Listening to this again seems to mean that if he wants life he's going to have to stick with Brienne of Tarth. And blush they're going to have to share the same sword.

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