I'm Lazy and I Know It | Capablanca vs Marshall | Game 13

I’m Lazy and I Know It | Capablanca vs Marshall | Game 13

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Frank James Marshall vs Jose Raul Capablanca
Capablanca – Marshall (1909), New York, NY USA, rd 13, May-15
Queen’s Gambit Declined: Lasker Defense (D53)

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Be7 5. e3 Ne4 6. Be7 Qe7 7. cd5 Nc3 8. bc3 ed5 9. Qb3 c6 10. Bd3 O-O 11. Nf3 Nd7 12. a4 Rd8 13. O-O Nf8 14. Rfb1 Rb8 15. a5 Be6 16. Ra4 c5 17. Qa3 Bd7 18. Bb5 Bf5 19. Rb2 a6 20. Be2 Bd7 21. Ne5 Ba4 22. Qa4 c4 23. h3 Nd7 24. Nd7 Qd7 25. Qa2 Qc7 26. Bf3 Rd6 27. e4 de4 28. Be4 b5 29. ab6 Rdb6 30. Rb6 Rb6 31. Bd5 Rb3 32. g3 g6 33. Qa6 Rc3 34. Kg2 Kg7 35. Qb5 Qe7 36. Qb2 Rd3 37. Qc2 Rd4 38. Bc4 Qb7 39. Kg1 Qc6 40. Bb3 Qc2 41. Bc2 f5 42. Kg2 Kf6 43. h4 Ke5 44. f4 Kd5 45. Kh3 Rd2 46. Bb3 Ke4 47. h5 gh5 48. Kh4 h6 49. Kh3 h4

Games 1-5 were played in New York (until Tuesday, April 27th); game 6 in Morristown, NJ; game 7 in Scranton, PA; game 8 in Wilkes-Barre, PA; and games 9-23 in New York resumed on Saturday, May 8. The match started on Monday, April 19th and finished by late June.
“No difficulty was experienced in arranging the match. Marshall was disposed to play in this case where he naturally discounted his victory. How far he was wrong the result proved. I beat him eight to one with fourteen draws thrown in between. I can safely say that no player ever performed such a feat, as it was my first encounter against a master, and such a master, one of the first ten in the whole world. The most surprising feature of all was the fact that I played without ever having opened a book to study the openings; in fact, had Marshall played such things as Danish Gambits, Vienna Openings, or the like, the result might have been different. I certainly should have experienced more difficulty in obtaining such a result. I had only looked an analysis of the Ruy Lopez by Lasker, on the 3…f5 defense, but the analysis was wrong, as it did not give the strongest continuation for Black. This, and whatever I knew from experience or hearsay, was all of my stock of knowledge for the match. My victory put me at once in the foremost rank among the great masters of the game. The play during the match showed that I was weak in the openings and just strong enough in the simple play for position. My great strength lay in the endgame, and I also excelled in combinations of the middlegame. I had a fine judgment as to whether a given position was won or lost, and was able to defend a difficult position as few players could, as I repeatedly demonstrated during the course of the match, in repulsing Marshall’s onslaughts. I may add that my style was not as yet either definite or complete, though it had a wide range, that is, I could attack almost as well as I could defend, and could make combinations in the middlegame nearly as well as play the endings where I felt more at home and was decidedly strongest” – Capablanca in My Chess Career.


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45 thoughts on “I’m Lazy and I Know It | Capablanca vs Marshall | Game 13”

  1. If capablanca was too lazy in calculating long variations then how he outplayed the long variations calculated by his opponent?

  2. Capablanca doesn't need to learn opening tactics because chess learn opening from Capa. Capa is the Chuck Norris of chess

  3. Not only my opening knowledge and laziness in calculating lines is like Capablanca, but also I keep sacrificing my pieces like Tal (I usually sacrifice my King). I must be the best player ever!

  4. We love ya, Agadmator! That's why we like to "razz" you so much!

    Seriously, keep these tutorials / commentaries coming! I think your channel blows all of the other YouTube chess channels out of the water!

  5. Speaking of "Hello, everyone": does anyone remember Karl Hass, who for decades hosted a classical music radio program? It was his signature greeting when Agadmator wasn't yet a gleam in his dad's eye!

    (Just stop the video after the first few seconds if you aren't interested in watching any further.)


  6. i scrolled down the comment section while having the video paused at 2 seconds for at least a minute and every comment is just a like. this is amazing. those opening puns make my day

  7. Wow, I figured it out the bishop maneuver. I mean a lot of times I stumble on the right move simply because you point out there's a move and I look at the board and nothing else works but I don't actually understand the sequence of moves that makes it winning. This time I did!

  8. Imagine how good a player Capablanca would have been if Agamator would travel back in time and teach him opening theory.

  9. Yeap, it's getting good, Capablanca is a rising star the moment I keep watching that series.

    Like Bobby Fischer, once a low profile player then he became famous for defeating Boris Spassky.

  10. Great intro, for that no opening knowledge joke then start with D4 and you pause to say have exellent friday then just casually D5, C4… XD

  11. “Yes, it is that simple…”.
    That sarcasm…hope FM’s soul won’t come back to retaliate and deliver you the Marshall attack.

  12. So we have learned that Capablanca didn't know any opening theory and was very lazy…. He just happened to find the best moves all the time, except towards the end when he was completely winning anyways and probably didn't care so much anymore.

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