How To Read More Books (How I Read 2 to 3 Books In a Week)

How To Read More Books (How I Read 2 to 3 Books In a Week)

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How to read more book? In this video, you’ll learn the methods I use to read two to three books every week.

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Key Points and Tips:

1 – Use audio books to read while you’re doing your chores at the same time.

Activities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, during public transport and walking, are all activities you can use to read more.

During these tasks, we usually don’t need deep focus or a flow state which makes them perfect for listening to audiobooks.

We all have the same 24 hour days, and it’s really about organizing our time and energy to get more out of the existing time.

Just this tip alone will triple your reading time.

Think about it; There are at least 1 to 2 hours every day when you’re doing something that doesn’t require your full focus.

A typical audio book is 7-8h long. So that’s at least one extra book per week just by doing this.

And if you love physical books you don’t have to stop reading those.

I find the audio format much more fun and engaging, but that’s just my personal preference.

In any case, it’s a good idea to combine both formats to get the most out of each.

I get all my audiobooks from

The library of available titles is massive, and the mobile app is very easy to use.

2 – To retain more information while reading think of how you would teach the concept to someone else and make a note.

This is probably the most useful advice I can give you on retaining more while reading.

Simple imagine you have to convey the idea to someone who hasn’t got any idea what you’re reading.

Reading with this frame of mind will force your brain to connect the dots and internalize the material faster.

There was a great study done on this where they compared students taking notes with a keyboard vs. pen and paper.

The keyboard users could write down a lot more information and paraphrase much more accurately, but they did much worse on the test than the pen and paper group.

Researchers speculate that because you can make notes using a pen a lot slower compared to using a keyboard it forced the students to think deeply and summarize the material in their mind.


Additionally, I would recommend joining book clubs online or in-person where you can discuss ideas from books.

Or just try to “sell” the idea to your friends. If you can explain 50-100 pages out of a book in a few sentences to your friends and teach them a lesson you’re not only going to internalize the concept yourself but also spread valuable knowledge.

3 – Read a book that will resonate with your current situation in life.

A lot of times we read because we think we should read. And when it comes to books, we often read the books we think we should read instead of those we would truly resonate with.

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing another book if the one you’re currently reading doesn’t resonate with your current situation.

i.e. If you’re struggling to take action and you find yourself procrastinating something like the Power of Now by Echart Tolle probably isn’t the best book to read.

I remember when I made that mistake and though the Power of Now was the most boring book on the planet.

However, let’s say you get the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Now, this book would help you take more action and beat procrastination.

Similarly, if you’re working on something in your business find books written on that exact topic.

We enjoy reading a lot more when it’s relevant to the current situation.

On the other hand, trying to force yourself to read something you’re not interested in won’t work, and you’ll not only forget the material but also be hesitant to read more in general.

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43 thoughts on “How To Read More Books (How I Read 2 to 3 Books In a Week)”

  1. Why not just do reading in parts of the year where you're not as busy? I'm a college kid studying chemical engineering and I literally do not have the time to read. I wake up at 7:30, and I have a half hour to get out of the house. I get back home by 9 or 10 PM. Summertime reading is definitely something I look forward to. But right now, I'd prefer to use whatever free time I get for relaxation.

  2. Do you feel that you can read 2-3 books a week and implement what you learn from them? 100-150 books a year? It seems like it would be more valuable to read 10 books and really get something out of them. Maybe read 10-15 great books several times each.

  3. Mario, my man! I just noticed on your book list that you havent read the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene!?! My friend this is simply unacceptable 🙂

  4. Great video. I especially liked the point you made on how would you teach the concepts of the book to someone else

  5. I don't know anyone that reads very much on a weekly basis. I have a ton of books piled up but I still only get through a few a year. I seem to buy more than I can read at one time. I tried audio books, for instance The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Listened to it 3 times I think, but I still got more from reading it on paper and I didn't even finish the paper version yet.

    I don't know what it is but I retain much more memory of books by sight-reading rather than listen-reading.

  6. Great video! The relevancy to reading made so much sense. Is it actually something that you are working on in your life currently or is was just something suggested by a friend that you want to impress? Awesome application. Thank you brudda!

  7. Do you not find audiobooks to be rather expensive? They average to be £10-20 each if your listening to 2/3 a week your looking at £200+ a month. Am I doing it wrong?

  8. 100%. If you are not in a place inside yourself in a given moment, it will be impossible for information that you do not need at that time to be absorbed. Like what would be the point of it?

  9. Summarizing forces you to hone in on the valid points that the author wishes to convey enabling you to give these ideas over to others. Somehow by speaking it out, you get to hear yourself as well. Audio is easier to retain than visual for many people. Sometimes I would write down what I hear and the very process of doing that tends to reinforce what I am reading or hearing. These methods take me back to seminars in university. Thank you Mario!

  10. Love your stuff, but people need to stop calling listening to audiobooks "reading." It's listening, not reading!
    When you're in class or listening to a talk, do you call it "reading"? No! 🙂

  11. interesting advices Mario. Thanks as always. Personally i find that my focus wanders a lot and my retention is lower when i listen than when i actually read. unfortunately, as you mentioned, it's hard to find the time to read a lot, but I'm trying. also, not being a native english speaker, i think that i get a better vocabulary improvement by reading… thanks

  12. Why would you want to read 3 books a week? It's an information-overflood. In my opinion it's better to read 6 books a year, WORK them through and IMPLEMENT what you read

  13. haha I had the same situation with tolle, I guess it was my first spiritual book and at that time I had only scientific approach to life, I thought WTF is this, a scam, that has no logical sense … but I made huge steps with my ego and awareness, it's now almost 2 years ago, I guess time to rereading

  14. Awesome. I do the same thing man. 2-3 a week while I'm running. I listen on 2.5x or 3x and then read a little on Kindle each night.

  15. Brilliant points. I've soo been there with the 'Why do I freakin hate this book that I'm supposed to love?". I'm kind of there with Awaken the Giant Within atm. I'll give it another go in a few months maybe. Reading 'Mindset' now by Dr. Carolw Dweck. Excellent piece.

  16. can you do a video about home workouts or alternatives rather than hitting the gym just for few months ..cheers man

  17. To Mario's subscribers: If you think he should write a book as well in the future, like this comment 😛 Would be amazing!

  18. Great Video Mario! I also realized that making videos about the books I'm reading was a great idea. Even if people dont watch it I gain something out of it + I create Value. Thanks man, keep it up!

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