How To Make Paper Look Old

How To Make Paper Look Old

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In this video Maxx shows you how to make paper look old, historical, antiqued, genre, old west, pirate map, papyrus or just plain used.

This type of prop can be used in plays, film, larp, Halloween decoration, homework assignments, escape rooms, roleplaying, larping, scrapbooking, parties and many other things. It’s easy to do and only requires simple everyday items to make.

My suggestion is to do everything you want to the paper before you actually immerse it in coffee or tea. So, write on it or print on it, use paint for blood splatters, rip it, burn it or whatever and then finally pour the liquid on it and let it dry. This will help seal in all that awesomeness. And if it is something you want to display or keep, then hit it with mod podge clear once the liquid is dry.

*Just a reminder though, just because you play a medieval larp, doesn’t mean all the paper looks jacked up. In fact, it’d look new probably. So, a light wash with tea would probably get you where you need to be for a realistic looking piece of paper. If it’s supposed to be an ancient or old scroll though, then have at it. The same goes for creating historical documents, like a copy of the Constitution or something, if it’s in the time period, don’t overdo it. If it is many years later, or post-apocalyptic or something, then make it look the part.*

All you need is paper and coffee or tea to make this look great.

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  1. For alternative scorch effects: use a heat gun to dry/burn the paper. Makes for some very nice and controlled partial burns or rounded out scorches, depending upon the angle of the air flow.

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