How to Make a Christmas Village

How to Make a Christmas Village

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The first step to making a Christmas village is taping boxes, then sheets to a large flat space. Then comes taping lights onto the boxes and covering them with thin ‘Christmas COVER’ not the thick snow. Next, the Bouchers poke lights thru the the covering, add houses and embellish with lots of other features. The last step is sprinkling ‘extra fine flurries’ and placing people.

Our 2018 village was laid out across two shelves with more houses on the fireplace mantle between them… For more about our written works visit

13 thoughts on “How to Make a Christmas Village”

  1. What a great video. Love the water. Well will you make a 2014 video? Check out my little video. Linsterville 2013. I hope you "Like" it and leave a comment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas Village with us, it looks beautiful! I know it's a lot a work, thank you for taking the time. I make a little village and it took me hours.

  3. thank you so much i really apprieate that i am starting to make that and yall are very talented dont let no one say anything to yall and if they do dont let that get to yall mind.

  4. Every year I add a piece. Every building, I painted. I buy the trees and rest if the things. Some years I add a building but some years, I can only afford a person or two. It is so big now that I need more tracks for my train and more space to set up! It is a hobby and I loved it when my kids would look and live my work. Now it's even more special because I have grandkids old enough to look in awe! Love how you explained the set up! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks. Just finished this year's version. Everyone has its own character. It ca take from 12 to 24 hours, depending on the size of the layout and number of pieces.

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