How To Create A Larp Journal or Spell Book Cheap And Easy

How To Create A Larp Journal or Spell Book Cheap And Easy

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Maxx shows you how to make an easy and cheap larp journal or spell book and antique it. Simple to make and fun to show off!

You can use any old hardback book you have and just make random books this way as well, for props. But if you want to use this project as a diary, memoir, journal or spellbook then you’ll need to start with an empty book. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “How To Create A Larp Journal or Spell Book Cheap And Easy”

  1. Better pro-tip if you're going to have a half page like the one you did write something on the page before you burn it such as a spell or your typical journal entry and the bonus Pro tip if you want real leather instead of toilet paper just walk around when you see construction sites and time the old leather gloves it's a worn holes in the fingers he can cut the back of the hand in the palm of the hand out and you'll have pieces of leather you can stitch together and then glue to your book

  2. An idea is that instead of the elastic thing on the book to keep it closed, you could also cut it off and use string or yarn

  3. I have just recently stumbled across your channel and I'm hooked, you make awesome content man 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  4. its almost funny that we create OLD books form an medieval perior , while trying to play AT that perior that the books were new !
    Or do you actualy think that people that were able to handwrite and create minibooks were crappy crafters back then ?

  5. A nice one! I can also see how this would be easy to adapt to have emblems, forms, and other oddities shaped out as an emboss on the front (for something like a spell book)

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