George Washington portrait c.1820 Stuart Cary Chorley large engraved print

George Washington portrait c.1820 Stuart Cary Chorley large engraved print

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General Washington

(First United States President- Military leader).

Issued c. 1820-40 by Isaac Cary. (also known as a banknote engraver).

Engraved by John Chorley, Boston.

Painted by Gilbert Stuart, 1797.

Beautiful large early 19th century antique portrait, with splendid hand color.

Fine classic image, large folio books on the floor, writing quill, paper and books on ornately carved wooden desk, velvet wood chair, sword, oriental carpet, monumental marble pillars in the background.

Lovely visual condition, overall the image is clean, well preserved and very attractive.

The sheet has undergone some utterly expert paper restorations on the back around the edges which have been neatly lined with what appears to be a thin strip of archival paper. Expert slurry paper restorations to short tears, some light white coloration to blank margins, etc. The finished product being so beautifully done as the example can be easily be referred to as superior to most others in appearance if framed for display. An image like this could easily hang at Mount Vernon and fit right in.

A genuinely pleasing oversized engraving of one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, the father of the Republic we all now live in.

Scarce thus.

Sheet measures c. 14″ x 22 1/2″

Engraved area measures c. 13″ x 20″

Large oversized Folio.

[vR18058 – oversized]

Stauffer, American Engravers Upon Copper and Steel, v. 1, p. 48-9 (noting he remains an elusive early engraver about whom little is known).

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