First Semifinal | Tirana | Wonderful Song Contest 27

First Semifinal | Tirana | Wonderful Song Contest 27

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► Welcome to the First Semifinal of the Wonderful Song Contest #27 from Tirana, Albania after Ava Max’s win the last edition with her song ‘My Way’, with a total of 344 points. Who can follow her victory?
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▸ The 27th edition of the Wonderful Song Contest consists of 2 Semi Finals with 20 acts, only 10 of each Semi Final will make it to the Grand Final consisting of 26 acts (20 qualifiers of the 2 Semi Finals + the BIG 6 )


▸ Vote with the traditional Eurovision points, that means you give 12, 10 & 8-1 points to your 10 favourites!
▸ All participants of this Semi Final have to vote!
▸ Vote in the comments!
▸ Your comment is hidden, if it includes your votes!
▸ If you’re participating in this Semi Final and you don’t vote, you will be disqualified for the next upcoming editions!
▸ If you’re not participating in this Semi Final or if you don’t participate in this contest at all, you can still vote!

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