FAVORITES - Best of 2018

FAVORITES – Best of 2018

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Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick:

Here are my 2018 FAVORITES, let me know your thoughts!

1. Glossier Solution –

2. Schmidt’s Lavender & Sage Deodorant —

3. Andalou Naturals Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm —

4. Glossier Stretch Concealer –

5. ReDone Tee – ON SALE HERE: (not sure if it’s “boxy”)
& here is the 1950’s boxy tee:
& the cropped 1950’s boxy tee:

6. Outdoor Voices – Athena Crop Top:
High Rise 7/8 Warmup Leggings:

7. Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar – SO MANY GOOD ONES!! AHHH!

8. Furry Hat – Estate Sale but I found A CUTE FAUX FUR VERSION & IT’S ON SALE!!!

9. White Chucks via Crossroads but here’s new ones –

10. Isaac Mizrahi Cheetah (Leopard) Ice Bucket, $14.99 – Homegoods

11. Cheetah (Leopard) Upholstery –

12. Yellow Vintage Silk Fabric – WATCH when I found it :

13. Oliver Bed in Emerald Velvet –

14. Ms. Chesterfield Sofa in Pecan —

Thank you all SO MUCH for watching! I wish you the happiest & healthiest 2019 ever. Let’s achieve ALL the things. Love you guys!



40 thoughts on “FAVORITES – Best of 2018”

  1. Let me just say that almost everyone these days are all about two trends:
    The blush and gold and marble teenage bedroom look.
    Or the boho minimalist Beige everywhere look.
    And you are like fresh air in my lungs to see you doing your own style and being your electric self. I love it.

  2. Hahaaaaa I was hoping that you would show how you fit in that sofa bc that is something I would try and always do hahaha, head and feet fit perfectly <3

  3. Love the leopard print skirt! I want one! The leopard ice bucket? I'm heading to Home Goods tomorrow! And that lipstick? Looks divine on you!

  4. I need to know if the lavender deodorant is better than the bergamot & lime because that one leaves greasy stains on my clothes and you smell like a marinating piece of meat.

  5. You are my hero in leopard print. I truly admire you and have my sisters, nieces and daughter watching your videos! Happy New Year to you, Dolly & Hazel!

  6. Just found you, and love your channel! Could you PLEASE PLEASE tell me the color of the room you are in ? I LOVE IT! And have been looking everywhere for quite a while now for this color for my bedroom! !!

  7. Happy New Year! My favorite of 2018 is your gorgeous pink bedroom! I just noticed that your closet doors and trim are also pink. Am I right? I love it that you didn’t break up the pink with white trim which may have been a little too cute. Did you use a gloss or semi gloss on the trim and flat or eggshell on the walls and ceiling? My other favorite, of course, is your leopard bench….how can you ever go wrong with leopard?!?! Wishing you a happy, prosperous and healthy … and creative 2019.

  8. 2018 wasn't the best year for me either.  And it didn't end well, to make matters worse.  In November, we went out of town, and I got some type of nightmare death food poisoning, the water pipes in our house clogged, and the septic tank had to be cleaned out.  Thanksgiving was hosted by moi, who had to haul gallons of water to the second floor just to prepare damn dinner.  But I had big plans for Christmas… and then my dad went by ambulance to the hospital on the 23rd, and our youngest son to a different hospital on the 24th.  Everyone is fine now.  Except me.  LOL!  The tree is still up, and decorated, and there are all those wrapped presents. The family keeps asking when we are getting together to celebrate.  I'm scared to set a date.  LOL!  On a positive note, your leopard ice bucket gave me the warm fuzzies.  I may have to take it from you.  Here's hoping that you and I have an awesome 2019! XD

  9. I hope you keep posting this frequently in 2019, absolutely loving unwinding with a cup of coffee and your latest vids!

  10. Have a lovely New Year! You are a major inspiration to me, and I absolutely love your content. I always walk away with lots of ideas and a big smile :-).

  11. Love you! Made my day. I have to tell you. I had to pick up my storage and it was difficult to go through stuff that I had, photos, my mom's stuff. But, I have decided to wear the clothes, and I am wearing her spoon rings, shoes and watch from the 70s. You see I think that sometimes the things we like define us. And what better way to celebrate the people we love by wearing the things or display the decor they loved. Happy New year!

  12. Thank you for making this video, I had a terrible day and seeing this pop up made me smile because you are always so fun and cheery and I love your favorites videos. Happy New Years ❤️

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