46 thoughts on “Fable 3 :: All Rare Books Guide Part 1”

  1. Anybody reading this who is actually trying to get all the books DO NOT follow this guys videos there are some he didn't put in and you won't get all of them! This other guy has a way better and shorter guide I can't think of his name but he has like rock music playing in the back ground.

  2. I have the Cheif hat and it's actually easy if u have the DLC understone and if u look behind the stairs in the sandgrouse museum flip the switch then go in the. Basement and there is a chest that has it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fast travel fast travel fast travel fast travel. Thanks for making the guide, but I'm gonna find one that does one town at a time. I feel like that will be quicker and easier to follow.

  4. I am having trouble with the books I have got 28 out of 30 could some body please tell where to locate one book I know where the last one is just need the 29 book

  5. clearly u dont know the game ur playing if u id this would have worked for u it was great for me i got them all real fast thank u

  6. Really bad guide. Show the way to the books instead of the locations. Doenst help at all. Having to run around without knowing shit.

  7. I went through all 5 videos to pick up the books I was missing twice but I am still missing 3 books….did some get skipped or something….can someone help me with the last 3.

  8. Hey men I really like this video, you didn't course and it wasn't a little boy of 13 or 14 years old who made the video (y)

  9. Straight to the point, and very simple. Plus you talked. I hate the videos with no talking about the areas they are in.

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