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Daniel Fry Series: UNDERSTANDING/Rare Speech

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For more information please see the book: The White Sands Incident (1995) by Daniel Fry

1: Practice understanding first with yourself, then with the family and friends, then with the whole world.

2: Encourage the attitude with understanding and morals with all others in your own way.

3: The confederation can read your thoughts. Send them a thought that you wish to assist them in small moral ways in order to increase understanding or get more people interested in Fry’s work and they may help you out in small ways and you will know and feel it by influencing your thoughts and feelings. They may also send an undercover agent to help out in small ways but there are different confederation groups with different jobs in helping Earth. The real ones are moral and they radiate a feeling of Universal Love and Friendship. There are also fake ones that pretend to be a part of the confederation and they radiate bad energy and suggest immoral things so be careful.

4: God is the Invisible Intelligent Energy Everywhere that is all people and all things and is unfathomable to the mind. God’s presence can only be felt. God is feelings of Love and Peace (2 Corinthians 13:11). The whole universe exists within God. Ask God a question with your thoughts, then let go of thinking and an answer will come in the form of a thought or idea to help improve your life in small common sense ways.

According to the you tube description, the video you are about to see was recovered from video tape archives of Rainbow Productions, Fort Smith, AR. Includes opening from Lou Farish, Lucious Farish.

Thank you to GhoolerHunter for uploading the video. (originally uploaded by GhoolerHunter on 8-5-2015)

Now please sit back, relax, and look forward to an intriguing talk by Dr. Daniel Fry: