AUDIO: Alan Bennett reads his diary for 2018

AUDIO: Alan Bennett reads his diary for 2018

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Alan Bennett puts on a new play and finds himself on someone’s arm, in his diary for 2018.

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3 thoughts on “AUDIO: Alan Bennett reads his diary for 2018”

  1. Brilliantly observed. How is this already downvoted on the first day of being uploaded? I've been waiting for this a whole year and has not disappointed but when did Alan ever disappoint? Must be tough going for someone who is 'struggling' to have to understand whole sentences and so many references but it is sheer delight as far as I'm concerned and I am more thrilled than concerned and very thankful Alan is still mordant and sharp when he chooses. A pity as the 'strugglers' won't get any enjoyment out of this and should probably be elsewhere but it is still a free-ish country if no more than a barely free-ish YT.

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