Attic Windows Quilt with a Panel: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co

Attic Windows Quilt with a Panel: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co

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– Attic Windows Quilt with a Panel: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. Jenny shows us how to make a fun variation on the traditional Attic Window Quilt that uses a panel to create a beautiful scene. To get the materials needed to make this project, follow the links below.

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35 thoughts on “Attic Windows Quilt with a Panel: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co”

  1. I loved this video and it helped me a lot making my first attic quilts.  I have one question – I love your work table – where did you get it?

  2. Thank you for the great idea on using panels but as a new quilte it would have been nice if you had finished the instructions for the sashing you told be where to put it but how? Do I add it to the top of second row or the bottom of the top? Thanks for any constructive comments

  3. Hi I’m begging to quilt I have the fabric and it’s 34 wide by 34 long can u tell me what side I have to cut my square plz Jenny help me or can some one can help me

  4. Hi Jenny love your work. I will like to make that window quilt I never did a quilt in my life can I get all the. Material from your company.?

  5. I want to make less wide strips for the attic window, 2 inches and the sashing 1 1/4 inch, will it be a good size sashing? Thank you for your beautiful and ease way of doing things.

  6. Do you have any of this written out , like a transcript of the video… I did see some, but did not notice this one on the page, maybe I missed it… I can start and stop and make sense of my notes..> Thanks Jenny

  7. Hola. Soy española, me gustan mucho sus tutoriales pero no entiendo inglés más que palabras sueltas.
    Soy consciente de que tiene muchos fans como yo de habla hispana que nos encantaría que sus videos-youtube estuvieran subtitulados. Es una sugerencia.
    Muchas gracias. Tengo que decirle que es usted encantadora y que pude comprobar que en el festival que organizaron canta usted de maravilla. Un abrazo.

  8. Ok Miss Jenny. I'm out to my she shed to try my hand at this. I hope it comes outs as well as yours. thank you so much for making it look easy.

  9. Jenny ALWAYS makes instructions easy to understand. She is great teacher & very talented lady. know that when I find her tutorials on YouTube, I will feel confident that even I can do it!!

  10. Finally!! I am working a quilt for a gift and made blocks of my own creation. Jenny, your tutorial just made my day! I can now add the actual dark and light "windows!" to look out of!! YES!! Your tutorials always make quilting easier for me. You are clear and simple with your directions. Your videos are perfect. I have come back to your videos time and time again! Best quilt teacher ever!!

  11. Hi Jenny, I am surely going to try this one. I have already got this panel. But I just wanted to know if you have added a batting and backing and if so can I have a look at the back fabric? And how have you put it up on the wall?

  12. Hi Jenny , I just bought a Santa panel and was looking to do this so thank you. Love all your tutorials. One question what is the width of the black sash? Thanks again

  13. I am in awe the things you can do simply with fabric. You are my "come to" when it comes to finding patterns that are new and unusual. You have so many ideas and I have tried a number of them. Many thanks for all the great ideas.

  14. Hi Jenny, I love this panel, and bought it, I had hoped that instructions would come with the panel, so I have two questions. 1) are there written instructions and 2) can this be done as a quilt as you go? if so what is the best way to do that. This will be only my third quilt and I would like to do it "right". thanks, Merrilee from Australia.

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