ASMR | Magazing Page Flipping / No Talking

ASMR | Magazing Page Flipping / No Talking

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NOTE: The video freezes up multiple times starting somewhere after the 12-minute mark. The audio is ok, I think, but the video gets squirrelly there for a while. You’re not missing anything. It’s just me flipping through the same two magazines for a second time. I figure most people just enjoy the sound more than the visual, but if the visual is your thing, I apologize for the freezy spots. πŸ™

19 thoughts on “ASMR | Magazing Page Flipping / No Talking”

  1. Would love one of these with an architecture or home design magazine and maybe some tracing. So relaxing!

    Thank you for taking the time to make these videos!

  2. This proves that Mary is the best and I think most original ASMR artist because you are never 100% sure what she is going to do next Mary can just make turning pages relaxing

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