Are the New LEGO Books Better Than the Old Ones?

Are the New LEGO Books Better Than the Old Ones?

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In 2016 LEGO came out with a new book element. Is it better than the old one first used in 1997? Let’s find out.

Wanna learn how I paint the dolls or drill the holes?

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Fugetabutit by Dan Lebowitz

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28 thoughts on “Are the New LEGO Books Better Than the Old Ones?”

  1. No! No! I love the old ones because they are much less clunky and they look more like a book. The new ones… Meh. Don't ever discontinue the old books Lego!

  2. I personally like the old ones since they actually are physically a book. It can open up and close up like a book. It's a nice thing to display on a Lego shelf. But this is my opinion.

  3. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to make this I gladly enjoyed this video
    So thx brickomotion
    For doing what you do and making me and many others happy everytime you make a video

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