Antiques Collectibles and Diecast Models - Gateway Classic Cars Flea Market

Antiques Collectibles and Diecast Models – Gateway Classic Cars Flea Market

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I thought you might like a quick walk through of the flea market at Gateway Classic Cars. They have a wide range of antiques, collectibles, and furniture on hand. They have everything from farm implements, to antique furniture, to old books, and even a large collection of diecast model cars. I hope you find the tour interesting…thanks for watching!

Filmed at Gateway Classic Cars in Fairmont City, IL (near St. Louis, MO)

The background music track is Whiskey on the Mississippi by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:

MacLeod’s description:

Genre: Blues
Length: 3:15
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Kit, Organ, EP
Tempo: 90

With a jumping bass and off-beat syncopation, this is straight from Memphis’ Beale Street. The Hammond organ and electric guitar play together as longtime friends, while the melody changes hands from guitar to organ to electric piano. 011
ISRC: US-UAN-11-00709
Bouncy, Grooving 2010

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31 thoughts on “Antiques Collectibles and Diecast Models – Gateway Classic Cars Flea Market”

  1. Oh wow!! An avocado green fondue pot!!! Wish I had the space and funds to restore old furniture. You look at what these places want for old dressers and laugh when people throw these things out to the curb. Gotta love flea markets….and auctions.

  2. Yeah, it's fun to look around those places, plus you can find stuff with a little more character to it. New furniture can be crazy expensive.

  3. You should give them a call if there's something you like. They ship cars all the time….they might ship one of the other items too. Thanks for watching, I appreciate it!

  4. I wish I hadn't watched this…

    I just might have to call them to ask about one item in the booth where your 8th grade clock/radio/lamp was sitting. I'm hoping the dealer would ship something small to me…

    The Waterfall Bedroom set and the Brass Bed is not my style, but the price was unbelievably good for those items. They would fetch much more here in California.

    If I drive across country again, I'm going to have to have that place as a destination.

    Your videos always entertain me. THX

  5. very cool. i'm going to be hitting up the thrift stores and stuff lately for my move and im telling ya. some of those places have some really cool stuff that they have no idea the value of.

  6. They do have some interesting stuff in there! When I first saw it I was going to guess that the axle with the steel wheels were an old set of barbells.

  7. Nice….
    I saw an old "TONKA" truck sitting there, one of the REAL ones, can't buy them metal
    anymore or not that I have seen….

  8. They don't do any auctions, but occasionally they'll have a big car show and sale. In fact, they have one coming up on April 21st. There is definitely plenty there for you to look at. Thanks for watching!

  9. I don't work for them, I just live fairly close and it's a cool place to visit. I've gotten to know the owner very well and he's been real supportive of me filming the cars. Thanks for watching and commenting, I appreciate it!

  10. I'm the same way, I really like going to antique stores, auctions, garage sales, etc. I used to have a pretty extensive beer bottle collection too. Thanks for watching!

  11. Do they ever have any auctions on the cars, furniture, collectables or knick-knack stuff there?
    I would get lost looking at all the stuff, there.

  12. That wardrobe, bureau, and vanity are called "Waterfall" furniture and are from the 30-40s

    Neat old stuff. That brass bed would go well with your retro accessories

  13. first at the top.mi grandpa did in antqeu.if he set his mind in,escape to the U.S,i might drove him around in a fleewood.
    does remind of henry ford museum,walk around 3 houres,so what have you seen.don t ask too tired.back in 1980.ile bet die cats model cars are cheaper to.wait for the rest.

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