Antique With Me. | Finding a Secret Library!

Antique With Me. | Finding a Secret Library!

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♡ Antique With Me. | Kitschy Floridian Decor. | Suprise Library. ♡

– Hello, lovelies. My name is Shelly and welcome to Channel Aseashelly. I’m still pretty new to youtube so I’m in the experimental, open-to-anything, type of video-creating mood…so why not give traditional vlogging a chance? So daring, I know. ; )

Over the past weekend, my mom and I took a day-trip the cutest little seaside town just north of Jacksonville, called Fernandina Beach Florida. Yes, in November…it’s Florida. So I brought along the ole’ camera, tripod, and roller-skates to document a day of fun!

In my opinion, the best part of Fernandina is their incredible antique shops. They’re so unapologetically Floridian. From kitschy mermaid figurines to tacky lawn flamingos, these shops never disappoint me. For my first official vlog, I want to highlight a few of my favorite places I always stop & window shop when I’m in the area. I love watching thrift with me/antique with me style-contend, and I do a lot of thrifting and antiquing myself, so why not! Granted, I only bought two things on that trip because they were fewer than five dollars, so this won’t be a haul. I bought a Melanie record and a seashell guide (because I NEEDED it lol).

Antique Shops Featured.
– Antiques & More Treasures Inc.

– Island Treasures.

– Eight Flags Antique Market.

– Trailer Park Collectibles.

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– Another Time by Flamingosis. |

– This Is What You Came For (80s remix) by Saint-Laurent feat. Rihanna & Calvin Harris |

– Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC |

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